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Germany Prospect: Flick led his team to hit an 8-game winning streak and set a new record in office? _LIST_SCHROTBECK_Hoffenheim

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Germany Prospect: Flick led his team to hit an 8-game winning streak and set a new record in office? _LIST_SCHROTBECK_Hoffenheim

Original title: Germany Prospect: Flick led his team to hit an 8-game winning streak and set a new record in office?

At 3:45 on March 27, Beijing time, the international football friendly match kicked off, Germany vs. Israel.

Germany and Israel have played against each other 4 times in the history of the team, and Germany has maintained a complete victory, scoring a total of 12 goals and only conceding 1 goal.

Germany has now completed the World Preliminary Tournament, and they qualified first in the group with a score of 9 wins and 1 loss; Israel is third in the group with 16 points in 10 rounds and missed the World Cup early.

Aspect 1: After taking office, he led the team to 7 consecutive victories. Flick set another winning streak tonight?

Since taking office as the German coach in September last year, Flick led the team to a 7-game winning streak in the World Preliminaries. During this period, the team scored 31 goals. The team also changed the decline in the late stage of Loew’s coaching, and a strong group Qualify for the World Cup.

It is worth mentioning that Flick’s 7-game winning streak after taking office is also the longest winning streak for the German team since the 21st century. With tonight’s home game against Israel, ranked 77th in the world, there is a clear gap in the strength of the two teams. The outside world also expects Flick to refresh the German team’s new century winning streak!

Aspect 2: The roster is full of new ideas, Flick is training tonight

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In addition to hitting the record, Flick’s bigger goal tonight is probably to train newcomers, and this can also be seen from the current German team roster.

After negotiating with Dortmund’s top executive Zorc, Flick gave up the call-up of Dortmund players including Reus in this training session, and activated Mainz midfielder Stach and Freiburg defender Schroetbeck. There are many other players who have performed well this season, among which the 22-year-old Stach is selected for the first time.

In addition, the list also has the meaning of “saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new”. Arsenal’s backup goalkeeper Leno is no longer selected, and Weigel, who played in the Portuguese Super League, returned to the national team after a lapse of 4 and a half years.

At the pre-match press conference, Flick confirmed that tonight is mainly to practice newcomers, and Schroetbeck also confirmed that he will start the game. Therefore, there may be some fresh faces in the starting list for tonight’s game against Israel.

Aspect 3: Escort training, German chariots adjust their state and fight against the Netherlands

In this training period, the German team has a total of two games, namely the home game against Israel tonight and the away game against the Netherlands three days later. Although the nature of the two games is a friendly match, in comparison, the game with the Netherlands is not a good match for the football team. The test of team quality will be higher.

Therefore, facing Israel tonight, the outside world also believes that Flick has the possibility of experimenting with tactics. Considering the heavy tasks of general clubs such as Muller and Neuer, they also have the possibility of only playing half-time. The main purpose of training more Germany tonight.

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Germany squad

Goalkeepers: Neuer (Bayern), Ter Stegen (Barcelona), Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Defenders: Ginter (Mönchengladbach), Gunter (Freiburg), Henriquez (Leipzig), Corell (Paris), Koch (Leeds), Raum (Hoffenheim), Rudiger (Chelsea), Schroetbeck (Freiburg), Hornathan Tower (Leverkusen)

Midfield: Adeyemi (Salzburg), Draxler (Paris), Gnabry (Bayern), Gundogan (Manchester City), Havertz (Chelsea), Kimmich (Bayern) , Muller (Bayern), Musiala (Bayern), Neuhaus (Mönchengladbach), Enmecha (Wolfsburg), Sane (Bayern), Stach (Mainz), Wei Goer (Benfica), Werner (Chelsea)

Those who will later update the withdrawal list:

Kimmich (wife delivery), Adeyemi (injured), Gnabry (injured), Koch (flu)

The expected starting lineup for both sides:

Germany (4231): Neuer/Raum, Rudiger, Schroetbeck, Henriks/Neuhaus, Gundogan/Draxler, Musiala, Sane/Werner

Israel (352): Marchicano/Degani, Biton, Abed/Dasa, Mano-Solomon, Peretz, Avram, Menachem/Dean-David, Daza boolean

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