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Gerrard: Manchester United will not rotate on a large scale, Villa wants to strive to win the FA Cup

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Original title: Gerrard: Manchester United will not rotate on a large scale, Villa wants to strive to win the FA Cup

Gerrard: Manchester United will not rotate on a large scale, Villa wants to strive to win the FA Cup

Live broadcast, January 10, according to the “Daily Mail” reported that in the early morning of the 11th Beijing time, Aston Villa will challenge Manchester United in the final match of the third round of the FA Cup. Due to the previous outbreak of the new crown epidemic and the intensive Christmas schedule, many coaches saw the FA Cup as an opportunity for important players to take turns, but Villa coach Gerrard made it clear that he would not do so.

In the 2006 FA Cup final, Liverpool fell 0-2 behind West Ham in less than half an hour. Gerrard scored twice in the second half, including stoppage time and a long shot from outside the penalty area. Tenaciously chased into a 3-3 tie. In the end, the Red Army defeated the Hammer Gang through a penalty kick and won the championship. That game is considered to be one of the “greatest finals” in the history of the FA Cup, and it has also allowed Gerrard’s name to be passed down to this day. In addition, in 2001, Liverpool won all five cups, including the FA Cup, and Gerrard was also a member of Houllier’s Red Army.

Gerrard said: “We will send the strongest lineup. Before the next game, we have enough time to recover, so it does not make sense to do a large-scale rotation. Cup games should be considered for ourselves and for The opportunity for our supporters to impress. If you underestimate the cup competition, it’s naive. Of course everyone has the right to express their opinions, but the FA Cup is always a very special trophy.”

“My message to the players is that they can play some of the highlights of their careers in this game. Especially, if you are a British player and grow up watching the FA Cup finals every year, you will also dream of it. Participate in the finals. If you want to be a good football player, you really have to take every game seriously. I have realized my dream-a good course of winning the cup will make you unforgettable for a lifetime!”

Gerrard admitted that the game will be very difficult-in September last year, Villa beat Manchester United 1-0 at Old Trafford, it was the first time in 12 years that they defeated the Red Devils in an official game-but Gerrard also emphasized The importance of fighting to win the club’s first major trophy since 1996. Gerrard started well after taking office, but in the past two games, Villa lost to Chelsea and Brentford in a row.However, Coutinho joined on loan, once again raising the expectations of the outside world, but The Brazilian is likely to miss the FA Cup, and to return to the Premier League on Saturday’s home game against Manchester United.

When Villa defeated Leeds United in the League Cup final 26 years ago, Gerrard was only 15 years old. He knew that it was time to end this “championship drought”. He said: “I can understand how important the economic returns of the Champions League and the Premier League are, but we have to analyze what is possible. The FA Cup is our only chance to win a trophy this season, so we have to understand this and do everything we can for this game.We need to go all out to let everyone know how important this trophy is. In the league, we are about to usher in many highlights, but as the head coach of Aston Villa, I can guarantee that we will respect every cup. ”

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