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Gesteco, that’s really bad: he dominates, but Ferrara comes forward and wins by comeback

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Gesteco, that’s really bad: he dominates, but Ferrara comes forward and wins by comeback

The Ueb interrupts the thread, its immaculate streak of useful results at home. Failed mission for Gesteco against Ferrara. In front of 2,170 spectators (a seasonal record), the Eagles saw a success that seemed decidedly within reach at the beginning of the evening fade away on the climax. Above all by virtue of the great start made by the yellow and blues in front of the away team.

A rocket game, in fact, Cividale immediately goes into orbit with Rota’s triples, two, and the missile released by Pepper: 8-0. Ferrara, we have a problem. Thus, when Mouaha scores the 13-2 basket, coach Leka is forced to bring his players back into the match atmosphere.

However, the Space Pilla travels light years ahead. With Dell’Agnello, he gravitates towards 15-2. Ideal condition to land Mr. Clarke on the parquet floor of the PalaGesteco. The American presents himself to his fans with a good defense on Cleaves II. As if to say: I’m here above all to put myself at the service of the team.

Battistini, meanwhile, leads his team to 19-2. Clarke, comfortable with him, places the bomb of 23-7. Mouaha and Nikolic follow the example. From 6.70mt, the yellow and blue average of the first partial is ufo: 87.5%. Micalich jr enters, makes five and brings Ueb up 38-18.

Tassi Group sees the stars. But, taking advantage of a moment of ducal impasse, she slowly emerges from the black hole she had slipped into and sews up again. Thanks to the triples by Tassone and Smith (40-28). And to Campani’s three-man game (42-33). Bellan makes it 42-36: at the break the match is reopened.

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In any case, the Pilla boys come back from the locker room with the right attitude: among them, the most furious is Pepper. The American, from the perimeter, certifies the new ducal extension (49-36). Smith, however, doesn’t fit: he plays the charge (51-41), he spurs on his teammates.

Campani, then, puts things back on the table with a triple of 51-46. The same number 12 impacts in the 27th minute: 51-51. The Eagles stagger: Jerkovic, therefore, signs the overtaking. With inertia on their side, the guests try, unsuccessfully, to escape.

Dell’Agnello is there, making it 64-63 in the 35th minute. It is played point to point. Miani blows up the building by signing the 71-68. Bertetti tries to silence him (73-76). He can’t do it: although, 13” from the end, Clarke misses the shot to take the match to extra time. Curtain. Anyway applause, for winners and losers. —

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