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“Get used to female referees the time of prejudice is over”

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the interview

At the stadium as a child she understood that football, cheering and colors, would be the passion of a lifetime, but not kicking the ball. “Mom, don’t make her pass for a bigoted (laughs, ndr), he didn’t want me to play. Better to referee … ». At the stadium, Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi went to see Livorno and, in Livorno, she began writing a page, today, the most read.

From Serie C to Serie A. A “historic” promotion.

«Mine is the last step of a journey that began some time ago: I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to reap the benefits of what can also be defined as a cultural revolution in various sectors of life. Get used to female referees, a road has opened up ».

Lucky and good.

“If I’m good, the others will have to say it. For sure, at the base of my promotion there is a world of sacrifices ».

How do you imagine the championship of the greats?

“Fast, faster. Full of changes in the face and full of professional players: I mean guys who will know how to assert their reasons in front of the referee ».

And, the referee?

“I’ll bring my naturalness to the field: loyalty, decision, authority will be needed.”

Women are more curious and less presumptuous. Do you share the reflection of its president Trentalange?

“Yes I agree. I would add that we are predisposed to fatigue: to achieve the results of our colleagues in physical tests, we have to sweat three times “.

Do you remember when you first took the cards in your hand?

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“I was seventeen, we were six friends.”

The first fears?

“I’ve never been afraid of it, maybe I was lucky to never find myself in extreme situations. I was just wondering where it had ended up when I saw people around me with their eyes bulging ”.


“Of course. “Go figure skating” the most elegant: now it hasn’t happened for a long time, at the time I felt like smiling ».

Have you ever thought: “I give up everything”.

«Once, I was in the promotion, I reached out and said to myself: ‘Maria Sole but where do you think you’re going?’. The answer to myself was: “Have fun” and the turning point came ».

Can arbitrage and work be reconciled?

«At the beginning it is possible, then, from Serie C upwards, no. I work at a foundation created by Marco Biagi, a study center that deals with work and work conciliations in Bergamo: from the reduction of hours to 80 percent, I went to ask for a reduction of up to 20 percent ».

Can his be considered a world that educates you to life?

“Being a referee changes you, it gets you used to relationships, to respect for the rules: I’ll be too biased, but that’s the way it is.”

You have already directed an A team, but in the Italian Cup: Cagliari-Cittadella. It will be different within the year.

“I’m curious to touch what everyone tells me: you’ll see, it’s easier to referee professionals than on dusty pitches.”

The message, or the gesture, that remained inside you after the news of your leap among the greats?

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“My mother Linda thrilled me by making me find, attached to the door of the house, all the articles that told my story.”

His idol shoes on his feet?


If she had “betrayed” her mother’s recommendations and had taken the path of a footballer, who would she have been inspired by?

“I would have been a Gattuso.”

Curious and less presumptuous. But also?

“More empathic. I think female referees can help with their attitude ».

A brake on prejudices and ripe times for Serie A to experience the great revolution.

«I was not used to so much attention, it will be a good test. I hope that all the positive lights on me remain positive, but the moment of error will come: here, at that moment I would like to be judged as Maria Sole and not as Maria Sole referee woman ».

At Ardenza, Armando Picchi stadium, a little girl went to see Livorno. «For me sport is life. And following the sport I get chills, ”she says. Within the year you will get to know the “professional players.” she dreaming of the perfect match. Which? “The one where the cards are not taken out responds – and whistles at the beginning and at the end: on the field I ask for the lei, but if ten minutes from the end someone called me Maria Sole I would pass over it without many problems”. –

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