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Giacomotti: «This group has a thousand resources, difficulties never intimidate them»

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Giacomotti: «This group has a thousand resources, difficulties never intimidate them»

the aftermath

Mister Giacomotti appears in the press room with a smiling face. His Voghe has overcome another hard obstacle, demonstrating tenacity and willpower. «This team manages to fish out every single grain of psychophysical energy until the end. It wasn’t an easy match, but we always tried to win. The clear demonstration is linked to the end of the race. After conceding the 1-1 goal, we could have been satisfied, also because there were ten of us, but it was impossible to stop these guys. We pushed forward again and scored the winning goal. This will to win also comes from the support of our commendable fans. I just have to applaud the team, which never ceases to amaze.” The difficulties of the match with Club Milano were many. From the value of the opponent, who also confirmed his high-ranking credentials at Parisi, to the various defections in the squad, to which was added the physical and mental tiredness generated by Wednesday’s match in the cup with Tritium: «It was the first moment of the year in which we found ourselves in difficulty due to the various absentees, but this team always knows how to bring out unthinkable resources. These three points against an excellent team give us impetus and allow us to keep the lead. Now we will count those unavailable for Giussano’s away game (there will be Bacaloni, Riceputi and Selmi disqualified), but after the umpteenth match with a big heart, I’m absolutely serene».

The tactical variant

From a tactical point of view, Puka’s forfeit in the warm-up, combined with Allodi’s disqualification, forced the AC Milan coach to revisit his usual three-man defence, switching to a 4-3-1-2 formation: «We had tried this solution for a few minutes into Saturday’s training session, but these guys are truly exemplary. Among other things, Bacaloni and Galimberti had never played together as centre-backs, but they did really well. I want to extend the praise to everyone. We came from a series of tough and close matches, and this team has always shown what it’s worth, both technically and athletically and in character. Then, our fans, give us an extra charge».

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At Club Milano, the coach Giuseppe Scavo complimented Voghe albeit with some regrets: «The first half shouldn’t have finished 0-0, we wasted two sensational chances. In the second half, the game was in balance, Voghe was good at exploiting dead balls. We knew that in terms of physicality they had something more than us. We need to improve in the last 30 metres, but we have developed a considerable amount of play». —


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