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Giacomotti’s new Voghe scores more than two goals per game

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Only the leaders Castanese have scored a greater number of goals (28 to 19) The offensive production is one of the secrets of the Rossoneri’s comeback in the standings


Vogherese’s run-up to the top rankings is fueled by the impetuous growth of the attack. The Rossoneri offensive department produced a haul of 19 goals; only the Castanese leaders of group A, with 28 centers, scored more in the first ten days of the championship. The improvement in Voghe’s offensive turnover coincided with the change on the bench. In the first four days, with Mr. Tomasoni at the helm, the Rossoneri team scored three goals, remaining dry in the home game with Vergiatese (0-0). In the following six matches, one with Davide Spalla’s interregnum in the away match with the Accademia Pavese, and the other five by Giacomotti, Voghe reached 16 goals, at an average of 2.6 goals scored in each match. The peculiarity of these 16 goals concerns the fact that Voghe scored 15 in the second half, with the sole exception of the goal scored in the first fraction by the midfielder Selmi on the pitch of the Accademia Pavese, which allowed the Rossoneri to equalize the scores ( 1-1) before the break, then in the second half Voghe made up the final 4-2.

The brotherhood of the goal

In the list of Voghe’s scorers, it is noted how the distribution of the goals took place in a homogeneous way. The palm of best scorer, after 10 rounds, goes to the left-handed side Riceputi, full-back only nominally, who is already at an altitude of three; with two goals each, followed by the strikers Bahirov, Quaggio and Romano, the attacking midfielder-winger Bollini, the playmaker De Stradis and the midfielder Castellano. To complete the list of scorers, there is the midfielder Selmi, with a goal to his credit. Voghe then benefited from the own goal of Rebuscini from Varese, in the derby they won (2-0) over Varzi last Sunday. By restricting the field to the offensive structure, in the last two matches with Lazzate and Varzi, two pretenders to the throne of Excellence, Mr. Giacomotti chose the couple formed by Quaggio and Romano, with Bahirov confined to the bench.

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“I’m lucky enough to have three strong forwards, and I have to be good at choosing them based on my form,” underlined the Rossoneri coach. Judging by the latest performances, Quaggio stood out as the most perky striker, for his ability to fight for every ball and physical strength in the service of the team. Now Voghe is waiting for the realization contribution of Bahirov and Romano to give further consistency to the recovery plans towards the summit. –


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