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Giardini and Roe merge. A new team is born in Sedico

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The managers of the new Sedico with the directors and the new jersey

The new formation that will participate in the CSI championship has been presented

Sedico calcio was (re) born from the merger of Giardini and Unione Sportiva Roe. The team will play in the CSI championship, in which the two realities that gave rise to this new unique subject of Sedicense amateur football already participated.

Initially, the board will focus on that of the Giardini company, but already in December the board will be renewed to allow for all intents and purposes the entry of US Roe representatives into management cadres.

“The idea is to unite the forces of two great realities of the amateur football movement of the municipality of Sedico”, explained the president of the Giardini, Fabio Sponga, during the presentation lunch of the project at the Sci d’erba restaurant in Noal, at which was also attended by some representatives of the municipal administration of Sedicense. «The supporters, Maurizio Moretti from Giardini and Loris Chiea from US Roe, have decided to join forces. It didn’t take many meetings to give life to this project, immediately supported by myself, by Saverio Bruno and by Nicola Mares who proposed to lead the team as a coach ».

The ideas are already very clear. And they will be achievable thanks to the support of the Buona Tavola and Celsius pizzerias and the Central and Old Bar bars.

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«The primary thing», Sponga specified, «is to bring up the name of Sedico which will also be the name of the team. For some years there have been no prestigious results, but we are aware that we are on the right path to bring results to the field. And then, knowing that the same rectangle is shared by very young people and also by old people who have fun all together I think is the right reward ».

Those of Us Roe and Giardini are two stories deeply rooted in the Sedicense social fabric.

In Roe, the sports union was born in 1987 from a group of fans who had already participated in summer football tournaments for a long time. The first participation in the CSI provincial football championship dates back to 1987, while the most prestigious results include promotions in A1 in the 2012-13 and 2015-16 seasons. A few years ago, it was thanks to the impulse of the Us Roe, flanked by volunteers and entrepreneurs, as well as thanks to the municipal administration of Sedico, that a new sports area was created in Roe Alte.

The foundation of the Gardens dates back roughly to the same years.

«It was 1983», it was recalled, «when a group of friends who spent the afternoons sitting on the bench in the gardens, for an idea born from the first president Walter Dal Pont, decided to start a sports group. Hence the name, as if we always followed that bench that was the crossroads of all the passages to the center of Sedico ».

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Currently the board is made up of eleven people, led by the president Fabio Sponga, together with the vice president Maurizio Moretti and the secretary Matteo Ongaro.

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