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Gigi Poma has been working on Covid for a year: he is medical director for Federvolley

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“It is necessary to modify the protocols in the light of the news” President Fabris: “He is giving us a decisive contribution”


After all, he never got out of volleyball, not even when he says and presses that he has turned the page. But those who know Gigi Poma well, the man who brought Villanterio from the provincial championships to the women’s Serie A and then gave her to Pavia taking her up to A1 and even to the quarter-finals of the Scudetto playoffs, knows that volleyball will always be a part alive of its history.

Now that he is no longer at the helm of a club and a volleyball fairytale of his own, not knowing where to put a passion that is always on, he has put it at the service of all top women’s volleyball and so Gigi Poma is from over a year the medical director for the Covid protocol for the Serie A Women’s Volleyball League.

«I elaborate the data and report the competitions at risk, I investigate the situations linked to the emergence of positivity in the athletes – specifies Gigi Poma -. It was a great satisfaction for me to be called by the Board of the Women’s Volleyball League, but even more so last year, in a time without vaccines, never having had cross-infection during matches, nor cases of serious side effects, cardiac and non-cardiac. Today with vaccines it is better, the effects are less severe, but the infections run and the most critical moment, there will predictably be several postponements that will be inevitable, but which will be recovered by doing all the miracles of the case despite the tight calendars between cups and national teams. . Then, updating the protocols now becomes a real priority ».

On Gigi Poma and his role, this is how the president of the Women’s Volleyball League, Mauro Fabris, expresses: “Since this bad story of Covid began, a great problem has arisen for top football, basketball and volleyball, the only sports disciplines authorized by the government to continue their business – explains Fabris -. The theme was how to keep Serie A open, recognized in this emergency situation for its social function and, equally important for us was the safety of the athletes and team groups, considering that, for example, the girls had to move into lockdown with restrictions and hotels closed. Thus, to ensure the smooth continuation of our A1 series, considered the best in all of Europe and the A2 women’s series, a movement of over 600 athletes plus their staff, we needed a figure of the highest level and recognized knowledge and professional skills. and medical. Gigi Poma, in addition to having been and still being a volleyball man, out of the game at the moment, even if we hope that Pavia will be back soon, as well as a figure of proven ability and balance, he immediately seemed the right man “, continues the president Fabris who adds: «Gigi has handled very complicated situations, today perhaps a little less than a year ago when we did not have vaccines. We therefore entrusted ourselves to the doctor, choosing the good one who gives you the best and Gigi was appreciated by the whole world of women’s volleyball and we were able to complete last season and continue this one. The application of the Fipav protocols and the Sports Medical Federation was her main job in addition to the precious intervention of recovery and recovery of the negativized athletes. His contribution and his expertise were also fundamental for the proposal to modify the protocols in progress, especially those relating to the recovery and return to competitive activity of negativized athletes and also for a sort of alignment with what is already happening in Europe. , or rather that with eight non-positive players, the games are played and are not postponed ». Fabris does not hide all his satisfaction with Poma’s work, closing with a heartfelt emphasis: «Gigi takes on all this delicate and complex work completely free of charge right from the start». – Fabio Babetto

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