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Giorgia Meloni, her daughter and her partner: “My life as a Premier”

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Giorgia Meloni, her daughter and her partner: “My life as a Premier”

In an interview with “Donna Moderna”, the Prime Minister talks about his new life and his private life with his partner and his daughter

The President of the Council, Giorgia Melonigave an interview to Modern Woman in which he tells how his family life has changed after taking office a Palazzo Chigi. A long chat, in which the Premier told how much he is for her “difficult to be able to reconcile family and workbut I try to do my best to carve out as much time as possible to be with Geneva”. And yet, Meloni herself admits that she has “the good fortune” that many other parents in Italy do not have: “Being able to count on various people who give me a hand” .

the change of life

“My life has become more frenetic – says Giorgia Meloni -, but no less exciting. Serve the nation as Prime Minister is a privilege”. From her words, enthusiasm does not struggle to shine through: Meloni is convinced that her role is a privilege to which she dedicates herself with dedication, even if it requires renunciations. Renunciations which obviously concern the family environment, “but I try to do my best to carve out as much time as possible to be with Ginevra”, her almost 7-year-old daughter in 2016 with her partner Andrew Giambruno.

his helpers

“Andrea – says Meloni referring to his partner – is an amazing father, extremely present and attentive, and knows how to get where I can’t”. Meloni continues, saying that next to her partner, to give her a hand in the growth of Geneva there are Ariannahis sister, grandparents of Geneva, his assistant, Patricia“who solves a thousand problems” and the nanny, Betty“which is now part of the family: together with me they jump through hoops to keep up with everything”, says the Premier.

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Giorgia Meloni and her daughter Ginevra in audience with Pope Francis - Instagram Giorgia Meloni

the weather for geneva

“I do everything possible to accompany my daughter to school – continues Meloni -, when I can, and for come home in the evening to put her to sleep, as I have always tried to do. Read her books, playing and talking before he falls asleep is our tradition. This is why I try to limit nights away from home as much as possible, doing everything I can to come back even when I’m abroad. Sure, sometimes it’s impossible, but I try not to waste time, to compress the agenda as much as possible. I’d rather skip lunch than come back too late the evening. Not only because it’s important for Ginevra, and for Andrea, but because it is for me. There are days that seem tragic, then you come home, you spend a while with Andrea, with Ginevra and her enthusiasm, you know they are fine, and you realize that everything else is overcome.

prime minister life

Speaking of his daily life as Prime Minister, Meloni says that “it’s a bit like being inside a large blender”.Palazzo Chigi – says the leader of Fratelli d’Italia – it is a machine that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It never stops.” “Enrico Mentana – he says, letting slip a joke – would define it as a ‘marathon’. It’s exactly like this: it’s always live, without breaks. The risk is to be completely absorbedbeing sucked in completely, leaving no room for themselves and the family”.

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