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Giorik and Canottieri, to you: complete formations for a derby that is already weighing

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Sedico trudges with only one point, Belluno sails in four It is played at 4 pm, only 600 people allowed (all free)


Here it is the Belluno 5-a-side football derby. Immediately, on the third day, and who knows what meaning the field will give it. On the one hand Giorik Sedico, a point in the first two days but still beaten last Saturday by the strong Isola. On the other, the Canottieri Belluno, which sails at an altitude of four and would like to give a further positive jolt to its start of the season.


Admission will be free. 600 seats are available at the Palaricolt in Sedico, 180 of which are reserved for the Canottieri public. For Sedico fans, the entrance will take place from the left staircase, looking at the parking building. The supporters of the Canottieri will enter from the right staircase. It will be necessary to show the green pass or alternatively the negative buffer. In addition, the temperature will be measured. The doors will be open only from 15 to 16, no later. For organizational reasons, the company invites you not to arrive at the last useful moment. In any case, the live Facebook and YouTube of the meeting will be guaranteed through the Sedico Channel.


There are no unavailability for home training. Coach De Francesch frames the challenge in this way. «Beyond the derby factor, I think this match must be faced without any fear. I would like the boys to take the field aware of their qualities, ready to raise the bar. I am convinced that this could be an opportunity to immediately change our championship. For the rest, Saturday’s defeat is the daughter of having lost our certainties in a balanced moment of the meeting. I am and remain convinced of the potential of the group. However, the balance of all the other derbies, with draws or wins by just one goal difference, fit the comparison well from my point of view. They are fine, but there are no favorites ». Few words were spent regarding the opponents, of which many of the Sedico boys are former: Battistuzzi, Boso, De Boni, Manzalli and Orsi, as well as De Francesch himself, former coach of the Canottieri youth team. “We know their value. They will try to score points in search of the seasonal goal ».

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«A good match and a perfect script». Alessio Bortolini thus frames the victory at the last moment over Padua. But woe to feel stronger. “However, we come from two difficult challenges and for sure the result we will get at Sedico will be linked to our attitude and what we will be able to put on the pitch”. Maximum respect for Sedico, “cleared” for the 4-0 backhand at Isola Vicentina. «They lost perhaps in the most difficult away match of the group…». Finally, good news regarding the roster. The returns of Normanno and Savi allow the full staff to be available. “We try to be homogeneous and at the same level, so as to always field a competitive quintet”, concludes the coach of Canottieri.

3rd day: Giorik Sedico – Canottieri Belluno (4 pm), Palmanova – Isola, Grangiorgione – Maccan Prata, Padua – Udine, Pordenone – Gifema Luparense, Miti Vicinalis – Cornedo. Rest: Giorgione.

Ranking: Isola, Maccan Prata, Palmanova 6, Udine City, Canottieri Belluno 4, Pordenone 3, Gifema Luparense, Miti Vicinalis, Grangiorgione, Giorik Sedico 1, Giorgione, Cornedo, Padua 0. –

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