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Giro del Veneto: Falcade crowns Romano but the real party is Zurlo’s

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The stage that started from Sospirolo is decided on the double climb of Forcella Aurine. The Vicenza-based Zalf loses the sprint but consoles himself with the general classification

The Sicilian Francesco Romano (Palazzago) is the first to cross the finish line in Falcade. But the last stage of the 29th round of cycling Veneto (the one that started in Belluno yesterday from Sospirolo) crowns Matteo Zurlo. It is the Vicenza-based Zalf who excelled in the final 2021 classification.

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The stage turns out to be spectacular and hard-fought. The double climb to the Gpm of Forcella Aurine was decisive. The provisional leader of the general classification, Riccardo Verza (Zalf), pays the price, in fact he will close the lap in second position one minute clear of Zurlo. At the passage of Agordo there are eight athletes in the lead: Zurlo (Zalf), Ginestra (Aran Vejus), Plebani (Colpack Ballan), Botta (Vc Mendrisio), Bonneu (Basso Team Flandres), Double (Mg K Vis), El Gouzi (Iseo Rime Carnovali) and Romano (Palazzago). In the last five kilometers, first the Belgian Bonneu, then the British Double, then the Vicentine Zurlo: all shots punished by the Sicilian Romano who in the sprint won the stage victory in front of Zurlo.


The stage winner Francesco Romano rejoices. «I knew I was fine and I wanted to finish with a flourish. In the final everyone attacked me because they knew I was the fastest but I managed to defend myself well ». Matteo Zurlo is radiant. «This victory», explains the winner of the lap, «for me it is a dream and I am very happy to have won it thanks to a fantastic team that ran all the stages flawlessly. I dedicate it to my teammates, to the sporting directors, to Gaspare Lucchetta and Egidio Fior and to the people who have always supported me in my season ». The patron of the Giro del Veneto, Adriano Zambon, was also enthusiastic. «We can celebrate a great conclusion for our Giro del Veneto, but already from tomorrow», he assures, «we will get back to work to prepare for the 2022 edition».

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Order of arrival stage Sospirolo – Falcade: 1. Francesco Romano (Palazzago) 3. 20. 34, 2. Matteo Zurlo (Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior), 3. Omar El Gouzi (Iseo Rime Carnovali), 4. Paul Double (Mg K Vis), 5. Kamiel Bonneu ( Basso Team Flanders), 6. Davide Botta (Vc Mendrisio) at 23 ”, 7. Nicola Plebani (Colpack Ballan) at 26 ”, 8. Riccardo Lucca (General Store), 9. Lorenzo Ginestra (Aran Vejus) at 41 ”, 10. Gabriele Porta (G. Colosio) a 45 ”.

Final general classification: 1. Matteo Zurlo (Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior), 2. Riccardo Verza (Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior) a 1. 01, 3. Kamiel Bonneu (Basso Team Flanders) a 2. 52, 4. Paul Double (Mg K Vis) a 3. 20, 5. Francesco Romano (Palazzago) at 3. 23, 6. Yaroslav Parashchak (Iseo Rime Carnovali) at 5. 46, 7. Gabriele Porta (Gallina Colosio) at 5. 53, 8. Nicolò Parisini (Beltrami) at 6. 03, 9. Elias Maris (Basso Team Flanders) at 6. 09, 10. Francesco Busatto (Uc Trevigiani) at 6. 54.

Winners jerseys. General classification (amaranth jersey), points classification (cyclamen) and TV classification (yellow): Matteo Zurlo; youth classification (white jersey): Francesco Busatto; Gpm classification (green jersey): Stefano Gandin.

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