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Giulia killed by Alessandro, the parish priest of Senago: “Premature to talk about forgiveness”

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Giulia killed by Alessandro, the parish priest of Senago: “Premature to talk about forgiveness”

Senago, 4 June 2023 – “Talking about forgiveness is too premature Right now. Forgiveness is a journey that takes time, I think it will be talked about a lot later on”. So the parish priest of Senago, Don Sergio Grimoldithis morning after mass in the church of Santa Maria Nascente, during which a remembrance was dedicated to Julia Tramontano, the 29-year-old, in her seventh month of pregnancykilled by her partner, Alessandro Impagnetiello, I confess.

“Today we prayed for Giulia and her child, that the Lord would give them forever the love they were looking for in life, finding instead violence and death”, said a parishioner. “I did not know Giulia and her partner, we had never met them, but in these moments, after a similar tragedy, in addition to prayer, it is useful to ask to understand why we got to this point – adds the parish priest – asking ourselves what kind of society we are building, what we are educating our young people to. Praying and reflecting is useful after every tragedy”.

Don Grimoldi preferred to leave the homily at Deacon Francesco Buono which for the parish also celebrates i baptisms. In a few days the meetings would begin in the parish in view of the journey towards the sacrament of baptism with the future parents and among these Giulia and Alessandro were also expected. “I should have met Giulia shortly to introduce them to this journey, so the tragedy struck me even more dramatically – he said – I think of the joy with which I would have baptized that child and I so much wished I could do it in the days when Giulia was disappeared and we all hoped to find her alive”.

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But Giulia and Thiago are gone, they were killed by the hand of whoever was supposed to protect them. After two days of city mourning (June 1 and 2), also confirmed the city’s mourning in conjunction with the day of the funeral, which will be celebrated in Sant’Antimo, in the province of Naples, in the town where the Tramontano family lives. “I am in contact with the mayor and we will evaluate what initiative to take on the day of the funeral – concludes the parish priest – in the meantime also in tonight’s mass we will remember Giulia and her child with a prayer from the faithful”.

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