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Giuntoli arm wrestle, Ibra suggestion Monza? Inter, first shot from Real

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Giuntoli arm wrestle, Ibra suggestion Monza?  Inter, first shot from Real

Contract ready for Giuntoli, but Napoli…

In the most complicated season of the Juventus after Calciopoli, Max Allegri continues to remain firm on the black and white bench. Cristiano Giuntoli is ready to take the reins of the transfer market, but be careful because Of Lawrence he will hardly give his archenemies the green light, at least so easily.

Giuntoli’s Juventus is being born

The President of the Napoli could get in the way, a Torino a five-year contract is already ready a 1.5 million per season per Giuntolibut the tug of war with the number one of the Neapolitans could really delay important market operations and complicate the future plans of the bianconeri. Giuntoli could give up several pennies by leaving a Napoli money and fame, to attempt the feat of getting Juve back to winning ways, starting a new adventure arm in arm with the Old lady. But everything depends on Naples.

Idea Monza?

Ibra’s tears make human the Swede who after five and a half years greets the Milan and the AC Milan. The tribute complete with choreography by Meazza makes the eyes sparkle Zlatanwho greets everyone and says hello to football.

Suggestion Monza?

Suggestion Monza?

Who will try until the end to convince him not to stop maybe Adrian Gallianiwho would like to have him back in his team after 13 years. Ibra at Monza is perhaps just a suggestion for romantics, a midsummer night’s dream, because between Messi e Benzema which they will go into Saudi Arabia, Ibrahimovic in Brianza, would make everything even more poetic.

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Inter and the first market deal

The radio show The sparhe has been muttering it for a few weeks now, but in the last few hours he has been saying it aloud. Nachodefender of the Real Madrid class of ’90 is one step away fromInter. Contract expiring next June 30thpushes the nerazzurri towards the deal on a free transfer.

The 33-year-old from Real is in Inter's sights

The 33-year-old from Real is in Inter’s sights

The Milanese club would thus have solved the problem of the defender, in the event of illustrious farewells, with Unripe e the free always on the balance axis. This would be the first hit of the shopping campaignwhere theInter he will still make a virtue of necessity, trying to move intelligently without spending too much.

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