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Gjoshi is always one of the certainties of the Belluno Dolomites

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Halil Gjoshi in the friendly against Trento

«After the merger the squad is of a high level, it will be much more difficult to be a starter. Nice to have found Tibolla as a partner and also the return to Zugni “

Halil Gjoshi is used to it. Every year, in the hypothetical standard formation, perhaps he is not included among the probable owners, assuming his use especially during the race in progress. But then he always plays, thanks to his tactical flexibility and his ability to always give his best.

So also this year he aims to take a leading role in the Belluno Dolomites, despite the competition is certainly not lacking. Tall winger, midfielder, defender: can be deployed anywhere. An advantage, when the coach Lauria will have to choose.

“But this time we need to do even more, the squad is of a level”, comments Gjoshi, deployed from the first minute in the test with Trento. «Certainly I’m a player used to never settling on the past. I have to work hard to carve out an important space for myself. Meanwhile, I try to put as much energy as possible into my legs ».


Speaking of the friendly 2-0 loss with Trento, the Dolomites played it in the presence of the newly promoted in C.

«We are quite happy, then it is inevitable to have your legs packed now. In the defensive phase we are moving well, thanks also to Teso’s experience at the center of the rearguard. I didn’t know him personally, but he gives everyone a lot of peace of mind. However, perhaps even greater determination is needed not to want to concede goals, in addition to always trying to get them. The friendlies, however, help to improve the aspects in which we are lacking ».

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Also because everyone expects results of a certain level from the season.

«Osuji from Trento told me he saw us well, but on the pitch we must always be determined and bad, in the good sense of the term. If we were to use arrogance instead we would be on the wrong track. The pressures? They should be taken as a stimulus to give the best of ourselves. Let’s focus only on work, trying to play a great championship ».


The merger allowed Gjoshi to fulfill a personal dream, that is to play again with his friend Alberto Tibolla. The two returned to defend the same colors, after sharing the adventure at Union Ripa 2014-2015.

“I tried to convince him when he had to decide,” admits with a smile “Lillo”. «We talk every day and I was really happy when he chose to sign. It is a really good opportunity ».

The return to Zugni again as a home player.

“The camp clerk told me he imagined my return, sooner or later. Of course, until a few months ago it was almost impossible to think of a single team. I was very pleased to live Friday, in Feltre I lived very beautiful years ».


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