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Global Information| Champions League semi-finals come to an end! SPORTFIVE partners with Inter Milan and Manchester City in the final match_Events_League_Events

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Global Information| Champions League semi-finals come to an end! SPORTFIVE partners with Inter Milan and Manchester City in the final match_Events_League_Events

Original title: Global Information | Champions League semi-finals come to an end! SPORTFIVE partners with Inter Milan and Manchester City in the final

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League semi-finals have all been decided in the early hours of this morning.SPORTFIVE business partners Manchester City Football Club and Inter Milan Football Club successfully joined the finals.Next, SPORTFIVE will review the wonderful moments in the second round of the semi-final with you.

In the early morning of May 17th, Beijing time, Inter Milan ushered in the second match of the “Derby Milan” at home. Inter Milan relied on Lautaro’s volley in the second half to score a 1-0 victory over AC Milan. 3-0 eliminated the opponent and took the lead in advancing to the Champions League final.

SPORTFIVE has a long history with Inter Milan. In 2019, we helped Dongfeng Nissan, the top sponsor of the Champions League, and the legendary Inter Milan superstar Materazzi cooperate. Materazzi also visited the launch ceremonies in Wuhan and Shanghai in person, interacted cordially with fans and friends, and shared the spirit of being a strong man who is not afraid of challenges and brave to be himself. Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, Mr. Wang Qian, Assistant Director of Marketing Department of Dongfeng Nissan, took the stage and exchanged gifts with Mr. Materazzi.

In the early morning of May 18th, Beijing time, Manchester City faced Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium at home. The two teams drew in the first round. Therefore, the outcome of this game will determine the ownership of the last final ticket. In the end, Manchester City’s performance went to the next level. In the first half, Bernardo Silva scored twice. In the second half, Akanji and Alvarez contributed goals respectively. In the end, Manchester City defeated Real Madrid 4-0. 5-1 with Inter Milan in Istanbul.

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Source: Champions League official

SPORTFIVE has assisted the cooperation between Manchester City and Xylem many times. Manchester City and Xylem have renewed a multi-year global partnership agreement to cover Manchester City’s men’s and women’s football teams and expanded their partnerships with New York City FC and Mumbai City FC.

SPORTFIVE was also entrusted with important tasks in the cooperation between Manchester City and Xylem, which opened up a series of actions for Xylem in creative marketing for public welfare, helping it launch the “Closer Than You Think” campaign and create the “Be a Water Hero” festival Water campaigns and joint campaigns with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, “Let’s Remove Water Pollution Together”, “Together to Solve Water Challenges” and more, to raise awareness of the urgent needs of millions of fans around the world. Awareness of the challenges of water resources, focus on sustainable social development, and rely on technological innovation to solve global water problems and build a harmonious water world.

SPORTFIVE joins hands with USL Premier League

We are very pleased to announce that,SPORTFIVE will be responsible for the global media copyright distribution and business development of the women’s professional USL Super League, helping the USL Super League increase its market influence.The Women’s Professional USL Premier League will officially launch in August 2024 as the First Division, aiming to close the opportunity gap between men and women in professional football. By then, more players, fans and communities across the United States will have access to this world-class professional women’s soccer event.

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As part of the cooperation agreement between SPORTFIVE and the United States Soccer League (USL), we will help the USL Premier League reach an important international media rights distribution relationship on TV and digital media platforms. Additionally, SPORTFIVE is helping USL expand global sports lottery streaming and data partnerships globally.

The United States Soccer League (USL) was established in 2010. With the continuous development of the league, in 2019, USL reorganized the league brand: the original USL was changed to USL Championship, USL League One and USL League Two. SPORTFIVE reached an initial cooperation with USL in 2020, responsible for the distribution of international broadcast copyrights of USL Championships and USL Leagues, helping USL expand the influence of events around the world. In March 2023, SPORTFIVE will further expand its cooperation with USL to help the alliance’s global media copyright distribution and sports lottery cooperation business.

Building a top-notch event experience for Gainbridge

During the F1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix, the SPORTFIVE team was on hand to create a week-long premier race experience for clients of innovative digital platform Gainbridge.As one of the global leaders in the sports entertainment marketing industry, SPORTFIVE is responsible for providing multi-faceted and multi-dimensional integrated brand solutions, including sports marketing consulting, brand creative activation, offline event planning and content production.

The SPORTFIVE team provided Gainbridge’s VIP customers and business partners with unique F1 event hospitality services. Customers can not only enjoy the unique experience and high-end services provided by the paddock club, but also participate in private events held at the Conrad Hotel, Miami Queens Restaurant & Bar on the Beach hosts industry events and more. Local artists in Miami even drew an F1 car art installation for it.

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Gainbridge is a self-managed innovative digital platform dedicated to providing customers with convenient, intuitive financial products powered by smart technology. As a partner of the F1®Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix, Gainbridge has created a top-notch viewing experience for spectators and fans, and also provides catering experience, activities, art installations and other services in the track fan area.Return to Sohu to see more

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