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GLOSA: The incomprehensible non-exclusion of Wiesner. Do VAR screens have calculator resolution?

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GLOSA: The incomprehensible non-exclusion of Wiesner.  Do VAR screens have calculator resolution?

One, two, three, maybe even four. So many times Wiesner shoved, if not punched, his sock shortly after what appeared to be an intense exchange in the 57th minute. Bartošák then fell to the ground and held his neck. When the head referee Jan Všetečka trotted up to him, the left-footed all-rounder from Zlín probably believed that his team would be given an advantage in the form of a power play.

Well, not quite. Všeteček’s colleagues at VAR, specifically Jan Machálek and Jan Hurych, did not find the offense serious enough to even consider recommending a red card. The referee was not even called to the screen, although almost everyone who watched the event on tape was more or less clear about Wiesner’s ejection. Not to either. After all, it is a repeated and obvious strike, if you want a very aggressive push, into the opponent. Completely out of the game. What else should reds fall for?

An explanation, or rather an excuse, appeared on the websites of other media. That VAR does not have zoomed-in footage available and therefore could not assess the situation unequivocally. Sorry, but that can’t even be taken seriously. Although it’s really sad that the referees can’t zoom in on the video, it’s probably not necessary in this case. The first ever TV repeater on my rather ordinary laptop is clearly calling for a red card. So either the resolution of VAR monitors is similar to not very modern calculators, or it was a gross and difficult to understand mistake.

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This was also demonstrated by former league players both in the O2 TV Sport studio and on the X social network. “The Spartan was extremely lucky not to receive a red card. Because he was supposed to get it,” Antonín Rosa did not hide behind phrases. “This is bright red,” added Jakub Podaný.

But the pair had a different opinion at VAR. They didn’t call a colleague directly on the playing surface to the screen, which is something that remains to be seen. So Wiesner was not punished in any way on the field. So, although his non-exclusion will probably be marked as a mistake in the referees’ commission communique, he will not be punished.

At the same time, if the video had re-examined the incident directly in the match, the Spartan might have been punished for several matches. And that is exactly the main problem with VAR. All it takes is for the video to return to certain situations, leaving others unnoticed, and the course of the entire match will be grossly affected. In the event that the offender escapes the distance due to this, it also affects the others, as perhaps his absence could harm the team in the following weeks.

With the passage of time, only one thing is clear. Who believed that video would finally bring justice to football, badly, but the correction was badly wrong. There are certainly no shortage of controversial moments. On the contrary…

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