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GLOSA: The pressure will increase on Slavia and Sparta, the head will be important

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GLOSA: The pressure will increase on Slavia and Sparta, the head will be important

The main one is the current form. Sparta won the league for the seventh time in a row, beating Hradec Králové 2:0 in its Mladá Boleslav asylum on Saturday. She didn’t play spectacularly, she didn’t shine, but she got three points. That’s the main thing, in the final it doesn’t matter how you get to them.

The match hurt Sparta, the team from Hradec Králové never gets along well with its opponents. Whether Votrok’s midfielder Jakub Kučera was correctly sent off after a tackle on Kaan Kairinen will be answered by the referees’ commission. Anyway, the power play stung the guests and they strengthened their self-confidence again.

The Reds are the closest to the title since the last championship season 2013/2014. They currently hold the trump cards, Slavia and Plzeň will host at home until the end of the regular season. The sight of a big triumph can give them a huge kick, and at the same time, the pressure on them will increase. Sparta is no longer behind, it is no longer written off, but it is the favorite. It will not be easy to maintain such a position, moreover, the difficulty of the matches will increase for coach Brian Priske’s team.

Not only will the kumšt on the field be decisive, but also the setting in the head. And managing tense moments. In Liberec, Slavia did not show emotion, in the end they lost the lead and drew 2:2.

Surprisingly, one of the seasoned fighters was surprised by the staples, Peter Olayinka completely senselessly ran after Gigli Ndef and head-butted him. He was immediately expelled, and will certainly receive an additional punishment. This happened with the score 2:1 for Slavia. So far, Olayinka has handled his situation, when he knows that he will go to Crvene zvezda Belgrade for free in the summer, very well, he has added superstructure, he has fought exemplary. Now he failed miserably.

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Slavia is deepening its fumbling on the opponent’s pitches, and greater and greater expectations will be placed on it as well. She was the main favorite, now she got into a tougher position. However, it still has quality and is capable of starting. It depends on her and on the heads of all team members and the entire club.

The fight for the title remains open.

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