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Golden League Season 8 opener Huacheng Guangzhou leverages Weibo Wildfire plan to upgrade 2.0-Qianlong.com.cn

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Golden League Season 8 opener Huacheng Guangzhou leverages Weibo Wildfire plan to upgrade 2.0-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: The first game of the eighth season of the Golden League, Huacheng Guangzhou leverages the Weibo wildfire plan to upgrade 2.0

On July 3, the 2022 season 3X3 Golden League kicked off in Guangzhou. The veteran Feng Dongyang, who has participated in five seasons, led the Guangdong Sanjian team to win the championship in the first stop of the eighth season in Guangzhou. According to Weibo platform data, during the first match, the number of readings on the #3X3Golden League# topic soared by nearly 80 million, and the number of readings on the topic of this season #rulestreet# has also exceeded 30 million.

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The 3X3 Golden League started in 2015 and is one of the classic IP events of Sina Sports. With the help of the incubation of Weibo platform, 3X3 Golden League has become the largest public three-player basketball event in China, integrating high level, professionalism and social interaction. In the past few years, a total of more than 80,000 players and 20,000 teams have participated in the competition. FIBA has sent a letter to the organizer of the event, affirming the 3X3 Golden League and thanking it for its efforts in promoting the three-person basketball game.

In 2021, three-person basketball will become an official Olympic event for the first time. Guo Hanyu, Leng Zhenduo, Xiao Hailiang and Fang Min, who were selected for the Chinese national team, have all been active in the 3X3 Golden League. Serbia, Latvia and the Netherlands have also all played. Some players have participated in the 3X3 Golden League. With the influence of the Olympic Games, three-person basketball is developing rapidly in China. A large number of grassroots and professional players have participated in this event, and it has also attracted a large number of new generation fans.

The 2022 season will continue to cover 30 provinces and divisions across the country, and is expected to attract more than 5,000 teams and nearly 20,000 basketball fans. Weibo announced that the platform will invest tens of millions of social resources throughout the year to help contestants realize their basketball dreams. Ecological members can interact and communicate at zero distance, and jointly enhance the value of the event on the platform.

In order to expand the competition level and influence of the event, the organizer of the event continued the “Basketball Please Advise More” project, and continued to invite CBA stars, cross-border star artists and KOLs from different fields to participate in the event. In addition to the official competition, through the “basketball PK” and other interactive activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole people to participate. During the Guangzhou Station, actor Xu Yang and CBA player Tian Yuheng participated in the live interactive session as guests. In addition, the organizers will also invite specially invited teams including last season’s champion teams, CUBA popular teams, well-known brand teams to participate in the event to make the event more enjoyable to watch.

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As the head IP of the domestic original three-person basketball event, the 3X3 Golden League proposed the “Wildfire Plan” in 2021. This plan is a boost plan for participating teams to enhance their influence, aiming to help grassroots players get more attention and develop more. Liu Shouyuan, Wang Qiunan, Zhang Zhaoyang and Zhou Jiahao are the first members of the program, who won the championship in Xi’an last season, and the #wildfire plan# topic has created more than 100 million video views on the entire network.

With the start of the eighth season, the “Wildfire Project” has been fully upgraded. The upgraded “Wildfire Plan” 2.0 will expand the coverage of players, and help more than 20 players such as Li Lin and Pula gain greater attention by means of offline season and online traffic support, and achieve personal influence and performance. A breakthrough in business value. It is reported that Weibo will use platform resources to help players grow into big Vs in the sports field, and help them realize traffic monetization through advertising plans.

As a leading social media platform in China, Weibo has 226 million sports-interested users. Incubating IP events will help Weibo users to accumulate, maintain user stickiness, and expand new sports users by breaking the circle. In recent years, the sports industry is no longer only about sports competitions, but is extended to mass sports. IP events such as 3X3 Golden League have become an important driver for Weibo to gain new opportunities in the sports industry, and its influence will also be extended on the Weibo platform. wider.

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