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Goodbye basketball, Firullo will work only for Fognini

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Goodbye basketball, Firullo will work only for Fognini

The athletic trainer from Pavia is exclusively dedicated to the tennis player: first goal in view of the American Open in New York


Alessio Firullo after four years leaves Riso Scotti to devote himself to his family and pro tennis player Fabio Fognini.

“It is an obligatory choice, albeit painful and made reluctantly – explains the athletic trainer from Pavia – they were beautiful and demanding years, but I have to make choices and following Fognini and the tennis players of the Motorboat, if I had also kept basketball I would have dedicated very little time to family and with two small children, one of 7 and one of 5, I decided to leave Riso Scotti, not to mention that the quality of the work would have dropped due to too many commitments ».

More than a goodbye, it seems like a goodbye. «Exactly – underlines Alessio, 41 – I had a great time and I gained an important experience with the ball in wedges, it was an honor to work for the first team of the city. I tried to give my best in a beautiful path, which I have to interrupt, but it is not a closed door forever. I’d like to try again later, for now we say goodbye ».

Firullo signed an agreement in February with the expert professional tennis player Fognini to follow him for ten weeks throughout the year. «I’m training him in cycles – explains Firullo – if he goes to play three tournaments and then comes back, I’ll give you an example, I’ll join him and train him for a week. At the moment Fognini is not achieving sensational results, but the work and commitment are there and I am convinced that by going on like this he will be able to take away some satisfactions ». Firullo joined Fognini in his good retreat at Arma di Taggia to prepare for the tournaments in Hamburg and Umago, Croatia, two tournaments on clay.

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«Fognini needed to work in the weight room and then we did some training to get ready to play on clay – Firullo underlines – where you need to express more strength, slides and sprints are expected. We worked by training speed, endurance and movement techniques ».

After the tournaments on clay, Fabio Fognini will move to America. «I will join him to follow him in the Montreal and Cincinnati tournaments – adds Firullo – this is because, in addition to playing, they are tournaments where you can also train. After Umag, Fabio leaves directly for the States and I wouldn’t have time to call him back. In this way I go to him and I will follow him for a couple of weeks, until the epilogue of the US Open. The goal is to advance in the tournament so as to earn as many places in the ranking as possible and my personal goal is to make it competitive for as long as possible. Then at the end of the year we will do the evaluations together ”. Firullo’s second tennis commitment is linked to the tennis players of the Motonautica Pavia. «We started 10 years ago – concludes Alessio – we created a solid base with many children and from there the work continued up to the older players. The summer camp is the reservoir of the tennis school and is also becoming that of the competitive team. We create the tennis players a little at home, a little bit they come looking for us to work with us “.—

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