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Gotti: “I would not like to see those drops in performance that make us a little immature”

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The weight of history on the one hand, with the club’s birthday as a reminder that the long tradition of Juventus football must be best honored, and the sense of duty on the other, which in some ways forces players to almost abstract themselves from the event itself. It is no coincidence that Luca Gotti wanted to keep the two aspects distinct yesterday, repeating to the microphones of the club’s TV channel the mantra with which he tried to focus the team only and exclusively on the match to be played with Genoa, thus trying to lighten the wait. for the three points that everyone, between the club and the fans, expects as a gift. «The 125 years of the club make us understand that we are in a club with a great and long tradition – the Contarina coach made his debut yesterday at the presentation – and the celebratory shirt is splendid. All this, however, must symbolically remain off the pitch. We, on the other hand, must focus on what we have to do on the green rectangle ».

A job that shouldn’t differ too much from the tests conducted in training at Bruseschi, where Udinese has prepared more than one strategy by still training in tactical versatility, just as Gotti has been getting used to it for a couple of months now, with the objective to see her ready to interpret the game according to the needs it proposes. But if there is one aspect in particular on which Gotti emphasized yesterday, that is maturity, a concept that recalls the search for a constant proactive attitude. “I would not like to see the face we like least – said the coach in response to the question about the two-sided performance seen on Monday evening in Turin -. This team has had very good moments in all the games, but in many games it has had some drops in performance that make us say that it is still a bit immature. We must try to approach maturity as soon as possible ».

And to facilitate this process, Gotti also admitted the use of a simplification regarding the task, such as saying that beyond the module, in the minds of his players it will be the principles of the game that guide the bianconeri: “I have no intention of make conceptual upheavals and put players in difficulty by removing their security. There will certainly be some specific measures regarding this match against this Genoa ». An opponent that the Udinese coach frames as follows: «I think he has several absences but for sure he has players who know how to play football and who have a lot of experience. The team I saw in the only match with this new coaching staff was played against a high quality team, Roma. I had the feeling of an orderly team that held the pitch well and only a late goal doomed them. It is a Serie A football match where there are strong players and which will also have to be managed at various times. I am convinced that the race will present different moments from each other ». –

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