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Goulart’s strategy of abandoning Chinese nationality and naturalizing Chinese players failed | Brazil | The Epoch Times

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Goulart’s strategy of abandoning Chinese nationality and naturalizing Chinese players failed | Brazil | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, January 11, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Xia Song interviewed and reported) On January 10, the former Brazilian football player Goulart, who was naturalized in China, confirmed that he is re-obtaining Brazilian citizenship. Prior to this, several naturalized players had left China. According to the analysis, the CCP’s national system has not established professionalism in the market, and some clubs have put the cart before the horse and used naturalized players as their main strategy, and many problems have arisen.

Lu media Sohu.com reported today (11th) that following Talisca, Paulinho and Cannavaro, the 31-year-old Goulart will also leave the Guangzhou team and return to Brazil to play football.

A few days ago, Brazil’s “Global Sports” disclosed that Brazilian journalists Andre Hernan and Jorge Natan said that Goulart had submitted an application to the Guangzhou team to terminate the existing contract.

Goulart’s agent Pito Bella confirmed the news and said that there will be results in the next few days. He took Guedes, who recently successfully terminated the contract with Shandong Taishan and returned to Brazil to play football, as an example. He believes that Goulart can completely copy Guedes’s success model and return to Brazil to continue his career as a free agent.

Sohu.com previously stated that the CCP spent 400 million yuan to naturalize Goulart, but he has not yet represented the Chinese national football team.

Sina News recently reported that Goulart transferred from Brazil to Guangzhou Evergrande for 15 million euros (about 110 million yuan) in 2015, and became a naturalized Chinese player in 2019. In the same year, Goulart was loaned to Palmeiras Club in Brazil by Evergrande for one year. This operation violated the relevant regulations of FIFA for naturalized players, that is, “must have lived in the naturalized country for 5 consecutive years” and “professional players cannot register to change the football association during this period”. Goulart also missed the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar.

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According to reports, at the end of 2021, Goulart terminated the contract with the Guangzhou team and joined the Brazilian Sao Paulo team in January 2022. This farewell made Goulart’s continuous residence in China interrupted again, which meant that he completely missed playing for the men’s football team.

As of now, the five “non-naturalized” players in Chinese football, Fernando, Exxon, Goulart, Alan, and Luo Guofu, have all returned to Brazil. Represented the men’s football team in any international competition.

Netease News reported that in order to gamble heavily on the World Cup, Chinese football has naturalized many foreign players, especially Brazilian players. Needless to say how effective it is, everyone knows it well.

Analysis: Putting the cart before the horse with naturalized players as the main measure

Current affairs commentator Wang He told The Epoch Times that the problem of Chinese football has existed for a long time, and the key is the system problem. Worldwide, football is taking the road of professionalization. A truly developed professional system can maximize the potential of players. The popularity rate, marketization and competitive level of sports are interdependent.

He said, “The Chinese Football Association is independent from the national government departments, but it is not considered a professional operation method, but still follows an administrative model. The CCP’s national system is not professional, and it is not based on marketization.”

He said that various teams and clubs naturalize some players for the sake of performance, which is understandable in itself. But at the level of the development of Chinese football as a whole, naturalized players should only be supplementary. However, in actual operation, some clubs take the naturalization of players as the main measure, and China‘s football development strategy seems to be putting the cart before the horse, and there are big problems.

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He believes that the reason why Chinese football can’t get out of Asia and go to the world is precisely because of the imperfect professionalization, which has become a pseudo-professionalization.

“The key to the development of Chinese football is to be based on China itself. It has made solid progress in professionalization and marketization. The introduction of a few naturalized players is just a strategic and minor level. method,” he said.

He also said that the West is taking a professional road based on marketization. Compared with the West, the CCP’s national system will of course be defeated.

Brazil international Goulart leaves the netizen hotly debated

Mainland boxing hostess Su Hang posted a blog post a few days ago saying, “At 5 pm on November 12, 2021, four members of Goulart’s family appeared at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Goulart’s family returned to Brazil and left on a chartered flight. He and The family’s rented house in Guangzhou has also been cleaned up. Goulart’s last interview before leaving China: ‘Leaving now is the best choice for me and the team.’”

A netizen commented, “If we spend huge sums of money to naturalize an entire team and win the World Cup, will we be happy?” Another netizen said, “Are you shocked by the corruption of Chinese football? There is no need for naturalized players with high ability, Li Tie just likes people who give him money, I wish Goulart the best of luck.”

The news of Goulart’s complete departure from China has triggered a large number of netizens to discuss the CCP’s strategy of naturalizing athletes.

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“A farce, a lot of chicken feathers!” “0 appearances + 400 million” “I don’t think I can watch the news of the Celestial Dynasty, it’s just a shame. I just want to know who made the decision and spent hundreds of millions to introduce such a foreigner People… As a result, they took the money and turned back and left their naturalization… I sincerely wish the Heavenly Dynasty, Pfizer’s vaccines are too expensive, and it is so worthwhile and wonderful to spend hundreds of millions of funds to hire a few more foreign aid for naturalization! Congratulations Congratulations!”

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