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Grassroots brand events contain huge energy-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Grassroots brand events contain huge energy-Sports-China Engineering Network

Zhuji’s “Village BA” and Peixian’s “Village Boundary Cup” have become popular events that are driving local tourism and economic development. These grassroots brand competitions have caught the attention of the State Sports General Administration, being selected as high-quality events with huge energy.

The “Village BA” basketball competition in Zhuji City has integrated basketball with people’s lives, incorporating local agricultural products, snacks, and traditional businesses around the stadium. This initiative has created a lively basketball carnival, attracting people from all over the country and generating economic benefits for the towns and streets involved.

On the other hand, the “Village Boundary Cup” football match in Peixian County has become a hot topic, drawing national attention and being dubbed the “World Cup in the Village”. This event has not only attracted athletes and spectators from across the country but has also boosted local economy by increasing the sales of agricultural products and attracting vendors to the area.

These grassroots brand events not only drive economic development but also promote local spiritual civilization and the construction of a harmonious society. They have helped to eliminate social bad habits and bring new fashions to the villagers, fostering a sense of sportsmanship and community spirit.

To ensure the continued prosperity of these grassroots mass events, efforts are being made to inject freshness and cultural flavor into the competitions. Plans to expand the reach of the events and create new engines for national fitness and rural revitalization are also in the works.

Overall, the success of the “Village BA” and “Village Boundary Cup” competitions highlights the significant impact that grassroots brand events can have on regional development and local communities. With the support of government and local authorities, these events have the potential to become key drivers of tourism and economic growth in the future.

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