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Great show and just equal in the derby The Canottieri takes back the Giorik twice

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To Focosi (penalty) Reolon replies, to Storti replies Dal Farra. In the final pole of Dal Farra, then Dos Santos makes a mistake with an empty net

Gianluca Da Poian / BELLUNO

Giorik Sedico escapes, twice. The Canottieri, however, does not give up and gets a point that can weigh a lot in terms of playoffs. Correct tie at the Spes Arena, in the challenge where the full loot would have allowed one or the other team to put at least one foot in the promotion play-offs.

Instead the 2-2 leaves every possibility open, even with the guests slightly advantaged by the calendar. At the end of the day in which Pordenone loses against Altamarca while Maccan Prata wins over Vicinalis, the ranking becomes more and more confused. Sedico is fourth at 42, Pordenone fifth at 40, followed by Canottieri at 39 and Maccan Prata at 31. Sedico is missing two games, Pordenone and Canottieri three and Maccan six. Among other things, Saturday is the calendar includes the fiery recovery Maccan – Canottieri.

In short, a very open duel to get the two places available. We will play on a tightrope, which is why yesterday neither Giorik nor, above all, Canottieri could have lost. They both wouldn’t even deserve it.

The Sedicensi approached better at the start, moving forward with a penalty from Focosi in the middle of the first half. At that point, however, the hosts raised their heads and an amen from the interval they managed to impact thanks to the shot ti captain Reolon, deflected in a fortuitous way by Dos Santos.

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In the second half attempts by both sides, then between minutes 13 and 14 Storti puts the Biancocelesti ahead and immediately after Dal Farra makes it 2-2. An incandescent final, with Dal Farra’s post, a sensational opportunity failed by Reolon and the ball of prank put aside in an empty net by Dos Santos a few seconds from the end.


The Sedico gives its best at the start, galvanized by the six points in three days achieved with Pordenone and Sporting Altamarca. The Canottieri does not stand by to watch, responding for example with Juan Moreno to a couple of attempts by Focosi, but to shake off the tension she needs to go under.

Vitinho beats Savi in ​​the duel in the wing and in the penalty area is spread by Rotta. Rigor and yellow, Focosi is not hypnotized by Dalla Libera. The hosts raise the center of gravity, led by Reolon and Belleboni. There are a couple of occasions on both sides until 19.46 when Reolon does everything well in the wing and ends towards Battistuzzi’s goal. The goalkeeper would get there, but Dos Santos’ leg helps the ball to end up in the back of the cage.


It is really impossible to list the countless opportunities in the recovery. Well the goalkeepers Del Prete (who took over as usual at the interval) and Battistuzzi. At 13.49 Storti receives from Focosi and almost halfway finds the blow of 2-1, with the ball perhaps deflected by someone. Decisive extension? Not at all.

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Class play by the Brazilian Gheno, assist at the far post where Dal Farra bursts. 2-2 equal (14.46) and “marameo” to the few guest leaders. The unleashed Dal Farra then hits a sensational pole 1 ‘later.

Canottieri wants the three points, also because Sedico reaches five fouls. Savi is on the move, Reolon has the best ball but kicks high. Close to the siren, Giorik could sign the shot in extremis as happened last tournament at Spes. However, he kicks Dos Santos out, despite receiving Cleber’s pass in an excellent position. It ends even, but everyone cheers for a great derby. –

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