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“Great victory in Siena, but now we want to replicate with Brescia”

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Volleyball Serie A2. Motta prepares the historic home debut in Caorle against Cisolla’s Atlantis. Biglino: “They won’t have any pressure”


The 3-0 win against Siena was immediately reset. Next Sunday at the PalaMare in Caorle, the Mottensi lions of HRK will make their home debut by hosting the Brescia of a boy with a bright future, Alberto Cisolla. The match starts at 6pm and the fans are already organizing. However, the echo of the success of the freshman’s debut in A2 on the field of the fearsome Siena cannot go away immediately. Symbol of this success is the captain, Omar Biglino, in his first season at Motta.

Captain Biglino, did you expect success over Siena?

«From how we faced the preparation for the match and from how we presented ourselves, I would say yes».

Siena too weak or Motta too well equipped?

«Let’s not joke. Siena remains Siena and is one of the favorites. Rather we were good at not letting him play ».

What was the secret of success then?

«“ We were very good at making them understand that we wanted to win immediately. We have transferred all the possible pressure to Siena. The impressive series of excellent services at the start, which allowed us to take the lead 8-0, made us understand our intentions. For the rest of the race we kept Siena under control ».

In Caorle on Sunday at 6 pm, with a capacity of 60%, you will face the first home match, with the public. The opponent shows up on his own. What will it take to beat Brescia?

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«The road to victory begins this week. We will have to put aside the good things shown in Siena and train to beat the Brescia side. The Lombards have also won and will be loaded at the PalaMare. We will take the field without pressure, I hope, wanting to show that we know how to do excellent volleyball. We will be very aggressive but we will have to play a perfect match. Motta is a great team ».

Who is Omar Biglino?

«I am 25 years old and I come from Alba, the land of truffles in Piedmont. I have a three-year degree in Exercise Sciences, I will begin my master’s studies with a telematic university. I am half Italian and my mother of Tunisian origins. As a child I flew to Tunisia, to relatives.

How did your career develop?

«I started playing in Alba and then I played for 4 seasons at Club Italia. Last year I was in Perugia, where I was with great champions ». –

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