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Great Wall Review | Dreaming Winter Paralympics ⑮ “Double Dreams” win “Double Gold”, Hebei Ice and Snow Sports Achievements Highlighted_Shijiazhuang News

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Great Wall Review | Dreaming Winter Paralympics ⑮ “Double Dreams” win “Double Gold”, Hebei Ice and Snow Sports Achievements Highlighted_Shijiazhuang News

2022-03-11 18:25:56 Source: Jiyun

Yin Jianguang, special commentator of the Great Wall Network Jiyun client

At noon on March 11, the Winter Paralympic Games were a bit dizzying. After Liu Mengtao, a player from Handan, Hebei, was crowned the “Double Gold King”, Zhang Mengqiu, a player from Hengshui, Hebei, also won the “Double Gold King” crown. Both athletes have the word “Dream” in their names, and Hebei “Double Dream” won the “Double Gold” to shine on the field.

On the morning of March 11, in the men’s biathlon 12.5km (seated) competition at the Beijing Winter Paralympics, Chinese athlete Liu Mengtao (second from left) won the championship, and another Chinese athlete Liu Zixu (No. 37) won the bronze medal.The picture comes from the Internet

On the first competition day after the opening of the Winter Paralympics, the Hebei athletes of the Chinese delegation won a total of 6 medals, 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronzes; in the UL level competition of the men’s snowboard slalom chase on the 7th, the Hebei athletes even more He won the gold, silver and bronze medals; on the 11th, two Hebei nationals “double gold kings” were successively produced. The performance of Hebei nationals in the Beijing Winter Paralympics can be described as a sudden rise.

At the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics four years ago, only four athletes from Hebei participated. In the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, Hebei athletes are impressive. Why? Because of the advance layout, the selection of athletes is strengthened, and suitable training venues are guaranteed; because high-level coaching teams at home and abroad are hired to improve the level of competition by training in place of competition; because the extensive participation of teachers and students in special education schools has supported a strong team of talents ;Because Hebei takes the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics as an opportunity to promote the improvement and development of winter sports, establish a training and security system, and achieve a “double harvest” of disabled people’s athletic performance and popularization among the masses. The dazzling performance of Hebei athletes in the Beijing Winter Paralympics is vividly explained: Seize the opportunity, go all out, strive for innovation, and the career can be transformed and sublimated.

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On March 11, Chinese athlete Zhang Mengqiu won the gold medal in the women’s giant slalom (standing group) in Paralympic alpine skiing at the Beijing Winter Paralympics.Image source Visual China

Hebei has turned the Beijing Winter Paralympics into an opportunity for the development of ice and snow sports for the disabled in Hebei, promoted the leap-forward development of ice and snow sports, and stimulated the initiative and enthusiasm of ice and snow athletes, so they can quickly improve their quality and have a strong comprehensive competitive strength. After the game, Liu Mengtao and his teammates tore off the number bib, deliberately revealing the five-star red flag on his chest, which is a simple patriotic feeling. Liu Mengtao said that he is not a genius. “No one is born to play well. This is the result of accumulating little by little during training.” Use little accumulation to build strength and use strength to win glory for the country, this is Liu Mengtao. At the Beijing Winter Paralympics, Zhang Mengqiu showed a good competitive state. She won a gold medal in the women’s super giant slalom stance, and a silver medal in the women’s downhill stance and women’s all-around stance. Today, she has achieved double gold and double silver, she is unyielding, watering her love with sweat, it must be fruitful and fragrant, this is Zhang Mengqiu.

Liu Mengtao and Zhang Mengqiu are the representatives of Hebei athletes in the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games. The patriotic feelings, the spirit of never giving up, their strong and hard work, and their will to struggle are the true epitome of Hebei athletes.

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