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Grillo, aut aut to Conte: if you derogate on a double mandate, I leave M5s. The former premier denies

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Grillo, aut aut to Conte: if you derogate on a double mandate, I leave M5s.  The former premier denies

Rome, 27 July 2022 – Beppe Grillo is ready to do anything to defend the rule of double mandate, even threatening the farewell of his political creature, the M5S. The guarantor would have sent the aut aut to the leader of the Movement, Giuseppe Conte, threatening to abandon the ship – in a phone call yesterday evening, according to reports from the beraking latest news agency – if one of the golden rules of the Movement is circumvented: “If you derogate from the second term you will have to do without me, I leave the Movement 5 Stars “, the founder’s thrust. The response of the M5S leader was ready: “There was no phone call between me and Beppe Grillo last night. I categorically deny all the indiscretions regarding his either / or on internal issues of the Movement. We are facing a great battle to fight all of us. together for the country, we look united in the same direction ”.

Last night, Contea guest on Rai3, had said that the double mandate “It is not a diktat: Grillo has always supported this principle and I share its foundation. We are in a complicated situation, a phase in which some experiences would greatly benefit the Movement. We are discussing, we will dissolve the reserve shortly”.

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From here to the next 48 hours on knot will go untied, between tomorrow – with Conte’s return to Rome – and Friday a decision will be made. But the position of the founder and noble father of the Movement would remain granite, also contrary to the micro-derogation, advocated by the former premier, which would save just 4-5 loyalists.
Conte, according to the internal voices of the Movement, would have no intention of going to the clash with Grillo, which is why the chances of arriving at an ‘exception’ would be reduced to a flicker, while the discouragement of the parliamentarians with two terms behind them rises.

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“Il symbol is by Grillo, even if Conte were to decide to break up – and he never would – we would crash. It is Grillo who leaves us without M5S, not the other way around “, argues a big pentastellato with beraking latest news. bottom-up selection that has always characterized M5S candidacies Time is running out and it is difficult to set them up, even if the Statute – article 7, letter A – provides for them.

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The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta said, at the presentation of Gianni Cuperlo’s book, European Renaissance: “A majority will give this electoral law and there will be a government, but it can be of one type or another: sun or moon. There will be no third way. it will allow us to do who knows what, or either one or the other wins “. “There left is the Democratic Party – he added – to all those who argue about where is the left I say: our ambition is to be the largest environmentalist party in Europe and able to give strong answers to those who want a future of progress “.

Then speaking of the election campaign: “No upcoming elections they are the dolomitic stage all uphill, for us they are an incredible and incredibly fascinating challenge, difficult, to be faced with passion and scientificity, we must know that we must not leave anything to chance, that we need competence, that we must choose the themes and strategies well to apply the electoral law. “” Our program will be Italia 2027to tell what Italy will be like in 2027 with projects on society, rights, the environment “.” We had to anticipate the times, but we play the game and we play it to the end “.

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