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Grit and desire to grow weapons of the Scotti Pavia that has changed its face

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The club focuses on players eager to emerge The young play Andrea Epifani last place on the roster


Riso Scotti with the signing of the young playmaker Andrea Epifani has definitively completed the roster for next season, turning Pavia totally on the page for the first time, so much so that the only survivors between players and staff 2021-22 are the Ukrainian under Lebediev and the assistant coach Paolo Peraro. Coach Alberto Mazzetti, fresh from the promotion of Bustoo in cadeteria, therefore has a completely renewed group at his disposal, with the only common characteristic of hunger and the desire to confront himself in an unprecedented reality.

The basic quintet

The titular director Ezio Gallizzi is a 22-year-old boy still to be fulfilled who played in Cesena last season, in Serie B. Gallizzi has always taken a step forward in his career and the opportunity that Scotti gives him took it at flight. In guard position here is Fabio Giampieri, one so in love with basketball that he also played in the tournament at the Giardini Margherita in Bologna, reaching the final. Experience, determination, shooting, defense, are the weapons of the former Oleggio. The small forward is Alessandro Potì, gritty and gifted with an excellent shot, while in place four there is Riccardo Coviello, with the garra and the curiosity of those who come to play in a group that has never been faced. He and Potì are two versatile players, with a wealth of high-level championships and important loot in the groups of the Center-South. Under the planks Tommaso De Gregori, former discovery of Elachem Vigevano. Last year between the reinforcements of San Severo in A2, he arrives in Pavia to prove that he can hold up the challenges with the best centers of the group.

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The boosts

Mazzetti will be able to draw from the bench the determination and explosiveness of the former Urania Lionel Abega, a physically strong young forward guard. Alongside him, Riso Scotti signed an Albanian national, Ferdin Benini. Change of De Gregori will be Daniele Cocco, born in 2001, 198 cm for 95 kg of weight, able to play in the strong forward and center spots. Misha Lebediev closes the long section, while for that of the little ones Scotti has signed the play Epifani, third under in the team: born in 2001, 185 cm for 75 kg of weight, Apulian from Ostuni. Epifani, after the beginnings in Ostuni, goes to Treviso and doubles in C Gold in Montebelluna (10.4 points in 7 games). In the summer of 2019, he goes to Mantua in A2 and the following year to Molfetta. «Andrea comes from a good championship – Mazzetti explains – he has the desire to establish himself in our group. He has an established youth sector behind him, like that of Treviso, he will have to confirm his boldness and desire to grow ». –

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