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Gu Ailing training injury to give up the new season debut |

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 Gu Ailing was injured in training to give up the debut of the new season

November 19th was originally the day of the Chinese freestyle skier Gu Ailing’s debut in the new season, but Gu Ailing did not appear in the qualifying competition for the FIS Freestyle Ski Slope Obstacle Skills World Cup Austria. Gu Ailing subsequently issued a statement on social media and admitted that he was injured in the previous training, so he chose to retire.

Chinese freestyle skier Gu Ailing has been training in Austria recently. Not long ago, she completed an off-axis 1440 degrees at the big jumping platform, becoming the first female athlete to complete this action today. This also makes the outside world look forward to her performance in the new season. The Austrian stop of the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup was originally the first international event of Gu Ailing’s Olympic season, but she eventually gave up the competition due to injury. Later, Gu Ailing posted on social media: “I chose to withdraw from this World Cup because I fell in training before. Everything is fine for me. I just gave up this race for health. I look forward to seeing you in the next race. Good luck for all the players participating in the competition.”

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