Home Sports Gu Ailing’s season debut unexpectedly postponed wrestling in training, but it is no problem.

Gu Ailing’s season debut unexpectedly postponed wrestling in training, but it is no problem.

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Gu Ailing’s season debut unexpectedly postponed wrestling in training but it is no longer a serious problem

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2021-11-20 11:11

Xinhua News Agency, Stubai, Austria, November 19-The 2021-2022 International Snow Federation Freestyle Ski Slope Obstacle Skills World Cup in Stubai, Austria, kicked off on the 19th. This is the first stop of the World Cup of Slope Obstacle Skills this season, and it was originally the debut of the new season of Chinese player Gu Ailing. However, due to an accidental fall in the previous training, Gu Ailing gave up the race.

Just the day before the start of the game, Gu Ailing’s name was still on the qualifying roster. However, in the qualifying game on the 19th, Gu Ailing did not show up, and the official website of the tournament organizing committee also showed that Gu Ailing had retired. I learned from her that she chose to retire because she fell during the previous training. Although it is not serious and is no longer a serious problem, after discussing with the coaching team, to be on the safe side, she still gave up the competition. .

Next, Gu Ailing will go to the United States. If nothing else, she will participate in the Grand Platform World Cup in Steamboat, Colorado in early December. In a training session earlier this month, Gu Ailing has just unlocked the new “ceiling” movement of the current women’s platform jumping event-two forward somersaults plus four rotations. As for whether she will use this difficult action in the next race, it is still unknown.

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Last season, Gu Ailing’s results were very impressive. In January 2021, when she participated in the X Games for the first time, she won the gold medals in slope obstacle skills and U-shaped venues, and won the bronze in the big jumping platform. Although she suffered a fractured right hand and a torn ligament of the thumb in the subsequent training, she played with an injury at the World Freestyle Skiing Championships in March, “re-enacting” the record of two golds and one bronze at the World Extreme Games. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing is very likely to participate in these three competitions at the same time.

In the Stubai World Cup, another Chinese teenager, Yang Shuorui, who played in the women’s qualifying round, ranked 15th among the 29 players and missed the final. This is also the first time that the 17-year-old Yang Shuorui has participated in the World Cup level competition of the project.

Source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Xiao Yazhuo Xu Yan Editor: Li Jiayang
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