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Guangming.com commentator: Whether the Guangdong U15 men’s football team is fake is related to sportsmanship and dreams jqknews

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Guangming.com commentator: Whether the Guangdong U15 men’s football team is fake is related to sportsmanship and dreams jqknews

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Bright.com commentator: Recently, in response to netizens questioning the existence of “fixing” in the U15 men’s football final of the Guangdong Provincial Games, the Chinese Football Association issued a document stating that it attaches great importance to this and has launched an investigation procedure. Guangzhou to investigate. Another media report said that the staff of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau said that the investigation of the fake U15 men’s football final of the Provincial Games had already concluded, but it was not confirmed when the situation report would be released.

Regardless of the survey results, judging from the video of the game published on the Internet, this U15 men’s football final is really against the spirit of sports. Under the realistic background of the unsatisfactory results of Chinese football games, people see the new generation of football players playing a more important game with such a spiritual outlook, and it is more likely to have a feeling of “hate iron and steel” for the future of Chinese football.

Why is this a more important game? The Provincial Games in all provinces of the country are held every four years. According to the series of documents on the management of football players’ technical grades released by the Chinese Football Association last month, the comprehensive sports meeting hosted by the provincial sports administrative department is held every 4 years. The first place was awarded the title of national first-level athlete to 4 athletes and the title of national second-level athlete to 6 athletes.

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Attaining Level 2 and above in Athlete Skills is a must for teenagers who take sports as their personal development path. It can be said that the result of this game can affect the future of most participating players. The national second-level athlete is the minimum professional threshold for sports single admission as part of the college entrance examination; the national first-level athlete is the lower limit for the admission of high-level sports teams in colleges and universities. The U15 men’s football final is clearly limited to the 2007 age group, which means that most of the participating players will take the college entrance examination in the next year or two.

Based on the above reasons, it is even more necessary to conduct a serious investigation into the results of the men’s football final of the Guangdong Provincial Games. This is not only because the results of the game are related to many interests, but more importantly, the players on both sides are minors. Wanting to let more than a dozen minors on a team let the ball go on the premise that they have achieved a clear victory advantage, and wanting to let a group of young players give up the prospect of personal growth and negative competition, there may also be coercion and inducement by adults behind it. From this perspective, if such incidents are not strictly suppressed, it will be unfavorable for the training and shaping of young athletes. Competitive sports seek to push the limits of the human body to the extreme, which first requires a strong and pure love for sports. When teenagers are pursuing their sports dreams, they find that the world of sports is not clean, which will inevitably affect their sports development and personal growth.

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More importantly, as a sport with the most market-oriented operation attributes, whether football matches are fair and just can reflect the society’s attitude towards the development of sports to a certain extent. Although China‘s football strength is far behind the world powers, it has never lacked love for football. However, why this love has not been reflected in the rapid progress of the overall strength of national football for decades is obviously worth thinking about.

Therefore, in response to the problem of “fixing” in the U15 men’s football final of the Guangdong Provincial Games, it is necessary to give convincing findings to the society. It is also hoped that the results of the investigation can be as stated in the statement of the Chinese Football Association: the Chinese Football Association has always attached great importance to and paid close attention to all kinds of gambling, match-fixing, game manipulation and other behaviors that seriously violate sports ethics and corrupt the atmosphere of the industry. Personnel suspected of manipulating the game and violating the principle of fair play will be dealt with severely. Otherwise, it will once again throw cold water on the vast number of Chinese people who have always loved football.

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