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Guangxi Cum Out 6 Note Second Prize_ Oriental Fortune Net

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On the evening of January 18, China Welfare Lottery double-color ballgameCarry out the 2022008 lottery draw. The current two-color red ball numbers are 02, 03, 07, 09, 20, 21, and the blue ball number is 13.

The current two-color ball jackpot has 3 bets, and the single bet bonus is 10 million yuan. The first prize of these 3 bets will be awarded in 3 places: 1 bet in Fujian, 1 bet in Guangdong, 1 bet in Sichuan, a total of 3 bets.

The second prize draws 132 bets, with a single bet amounting to more than 170,000 yuan. At the end of the current period, more than 10.8 million bets were opened for the first prize.

According to the retrieval of Guangxi central computer room, there are 6 bets and second prizes in Guangxi, and 1 bet is settled in Hepu County. The winning ticket is a single ticket with a betting amount of 10 yuan; Nanning City has 5 bets, and the winning ticket is a betting amount of 10 yuan. Single multiple votes of yuan (note 5 in this vote).

After counting the prizes, the prize pool of two-color balls is more than 1.295 billion yuan. On January 20, 2022, the lottery day of the 2022009 two-color ball, lottery buyers will have the opportunity to win 10 million yuan in 2 yuan. (Wu Xia)

(Article source: Liuzhou Evening News)

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