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Guangzhou Athletes Eye Gold at Hangzhou Asian Games: A Look at the 26 Participants

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Guangzhou Athletes Eye Gold at Hangzhou Asian Games: A Look at the 26 Participants

26 Guangzhou Athletes Participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games

GUANGZHOU – The highly anticipated 19th Asian Games is set to commence in Hangzhou on September 23. Among the 886 athletes representing the Chinese sports delegation, 26 come from Guangzhou. These athletes will compete in 13 major events, including table tennis, diving, badminton, and track and field. Several standout athletes from Guangzhou, such as Olympic diving champion Quan Hongchan, men’s table tennis world No. 1 Fan Zhendong, and “post-2000” badminton world champion Liang Weikeng, will lead the way as they strive for gold.

Out of the 26 athletes, two are current Olympic champions. The Guangzhou Sports Vocational and Technical College has sent eight athletes, including Fan Zhendong, Quan Hongchan, track and field’s Chen Guanfeng, fencing’s Zhang Xinyi and Lin Kesi, basketball’s Yang Liwei, Yang Shuyu, and Cui Yongxi. The Guangzhou Badminton Sports Management Center has transported Liang Weikeng, the 9th-ranked badminton world champion from Guangzhou. Furthermore, the Guangzhou Water Sports Management Center has sent five athletes, including rower Shen Shuangmei and water polo player Zhang Chufeng. The Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center has contributed 10 athletes from various sports, such as hockey player Pan Dongquan, baseball player Luo Jinjun, and softball player Lu Xiaomin. Lin Xiyu from the Guangzhou Golf Association and Jiang Tao from the Guangzhou TTG team, specializing in e-sports, complete the roster.

The presence of Quan Hongchan and Fan Zhendong adds immense excitement to the games, as they are both current Olympic champions. Quan Hongchan will participate in the women’s 10-meter platform and the women’s synchronized 10-meter platform, aiming to secure two gold medals. Fan Zhendong, on the other hand, will compete in the men’s team, men’s singles, and men’s doubles, with hopes of achieving the elusive table tennis triple crown. Liang Weikeng will participate in the men’s badminton team and men’s doubles, making his Asian Games debut and presenting an opportunity to win two gold medals.

Chen Guanfeng, known as the “successor of Su Bingtian,” won a bronze medal in the men’s 100-meter race at the Chengdu Universiade, making his performance in the Asian Games highly anticipated. Additionally, e-sports has been included as an official event in the Asian Games for the first time, garnering significant attention. Jiang Tao from the Guangzhou TTG team has been selected to compete in the mobile game Honor of Kings.

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In other news, Yang Shuyu, an athlete trained by Guangzhou Sports Vocational and Technical College, has caught the “last train” to the Asian Games. The Chinese Basketball Association made adjustments to the Chinese Women’s Basketball Asian Games roster, replacing Tang Yu with Yang Shuyu due to competitive status and injuries. This change ensures that the Chinese women’s basketball team sends its strongest lineup to compete on home soil. With the sole goal of defending their title, the team is eager to bring home another gold medal.

The Chinese women’s basketball team has officially announced its 12-person roster for the Asian Games, which includes Li Yuan, Jin Weina, Yang Liwei, Wang Siyu, Li Meng, Zhang Ru, Pan Zhenqi, Luo Xincheng, Li Yueru, Huang Sijing, Tang Yu, and Han Xu. The lineup is based on the previous Women’s Basketball Asian Cup winning team and welcomes the return of Li Yueru and Huang Sijing, who were key players in the team’s runner-up finish at the Women’s Basketball World Cup last year. Presently, the Chinese women’s basketball team is ranked second in the world, with their biggest opponent being the Japanese women’s basketball team, ranked ninth.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese women’s basketball team is determined to defend their title, and an intense battle is expected if they face off against the Japanese team once again.

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