Home Sports Guangzhou team expelled red card player Guan Haojin and was unanimously bombarded by public opinion_Yu Hanchao_Football Club_Foul

Guangzhou team expelled red card player Guan Haojin and was unanimously bombarded by public opinion_Yu Hanchao_Football Club_Foul

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Guangzhou team expelled red card player Guan Haojin and was unanimously bombarded by public opinion_Yu Hanchao_Football Club_Foul

Original title: Guangzhou team fired red card player Guan Haojin and was unanimously bombarded by public opinion

The Paper reporter Song Chengliang

On the evening of the 15th, the Guangzhou team lost 0-5 to the host Johor Bahru team in the first round of the AFC Champions League. During the game, player Guan Haojin was fined a red card for a foul. At noon on the 16th, Guangzhou Football Club issued a heavy ticket, expelled the players involved, and the coaching staff fined and reduced wages.

The announcement stated that the player Guan Haojin seriously violated the “Three Nines” team rules for the players, and the coaching staff did not discipline them strictly, and seriously violated the “Double Ten” team rules of the coaching staff. In order to strictly manage and punish the former, the player Guan Haojin will be given the punishment of reporting criticism and immediate expulsion, and the coaching staff will be notified of the criticism.

Guan Haojin himself responded publicly through social media at the first time, “The red card foul action in the AFC Champions League last night was intended to run for the ball to make a clearance, but was blocked by the opponent’s body and did not see the position of the ball, so I couldn’t stop the action for a moment. “

Subsequently, Guan Haojin made it clear that his problem was the negative impact on the club: “I am deeply sorry for the negative impact on the club, and I am willing to accept punishment for this.” The Guangzhou team issued a statement.

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Although the player himself has apologized, the Guangzhou team’s decision to fire the player because of a red card has almost attracted unanimous bombardment on social networking sites. Senior media person Ma Dexing believes, “There is no negative impact! As a football player, kick Everyone who plays football understands that it is not intentional to kick people, but the inertia of the body out of control! There is no need to apologize! Otherwise, there will be no confrontation in football.”

Then he said fiercely, “What are you doing? Rotten? Is this a football game? Although Chinese football is in a trough now, there is no need for people with bad intentions to continue to compete! Work hard, get the hell out of here! Chinese football doesn’t need such unfinished football clubs!”

Even the Guangzhou media, who have always been quite protective of the Guangzhou team, expressed incomprehension. Nanfang Daily said, “Because a player’s foul caused a red card, he will be expelled from the team. This operation of Guangzhou Football Club can be said to be It’s unheard of, and it’s pretty speechless.”

Feng Zhen, a reporter who has been interviewing the Guangzhou team in the Southern Metropolis Daily for a long time in the past, commented, “If you are not professional, you are not professional. The Guangzhou team loses fans like this. It’s a pity. There is nothing good about Chinese football?”

There is also a media person who wrote a meaningful sentence, “The professor suddenly has a wave of absolute control over the football club, and his thoughts are meticulous and far-reaching, which is worth pondering.” Guan Haojin fouled.

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This is not the first time the Guangzhou team has expelled a player. Two years ago, the more famous international player Yu Hanchao was expelled by the club for altering the license plate. Yu Hanchao’s behavior was already illegal. scope discussion.

What was interesting at the time was that a lawyer specializing in handling international lawsuits against Chinese clubs interpreted Evergrande’s dismissal of Yu Hanchao as reasonable in an interview with People’s Daily, which also became an important reference for the outside world to comment on the matter.

But after a strange scene, a sports reporter in Shanghai posted on Weibo that he had received a lawyer’s letter from Evergrande Club. The lawyer’s letter showed that the client was precisely the lawyer who was interviewed by People’s Daily.

Let the team of lawyers on our side speak for themselves in the public opinion field, such a “saucy operation” makes people laugh and cry.

Of course, for the public, it is no surprise that the Guangzhou club is so arrogant. In the 2011 season, after the Liao football home game against the Guangzhou team, the Guangzhou team appealed, hoping that Zhao Junzhe would be banned for life! Zhao Junzhe later scoffed at this, “Don’t be ignorant and be cute.”

The Guangzhou team expelled Yu Hanchao last time. Fortunately, Shenhua quickly took over Yu Hanchao, which calmed the controversy to a certain extent. But at that time, public opinion had raised the voice of who would protect the interests of the players. Now the same scene is happening again. In addition, in recent years, the phenomenon of players suffering from salary arrears has become more and more serious. This issue should also arouse enough attention from the management department.Return to Sohu, see more

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