Home Sports Guardiola: “We had fun. Haaland has scary numbers but you can always improve “

Guardiola: “We had fun. Haaland has scary numbers but you can always improve “

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Guardiola: “We had fun.  Haaland has scary numbers but you can always improve “

The City coach expresses his feelings at the end of the derby.

The Manchester derby has no history and is colored blue. The City takes the derby of the English city with United. Tennis score and in some ways a liar. Three goal difference appear few as seen on the pitch. Guardiola analyzes the challenge to the microphones of the BBC.

The coach enjoys the victory. The first half thrilled him. “In the first part of the match I saw a beautiful football. We scored four goals and we could have scored even more. We had fun, it was a great victory in a good match. At the final whistle the fans were very happy, I’m happy to giving him a nice afternoon. I really liked the approach. I saw an aggressive team against high quality players. We had in mind not to give space and playing time to Fernandes and Eriksen and we succeeded. Clearly perfection does not exist , but we must try to reach the perfectible. The team played well, but can and must express themselves better. I saw a somewhat lascivious attitude in the last minutes, we need more continuity of performance to avoid taking risks “.

Seeing Foden and Haaland playing together is something enjoyable for anyone who loves football. Guardiola pampers her jewels without neglecting the rest of the team. “Phil Foden always puts his soul on the pitch. He runs, he wants, combines quantity and quality. He deserves all the satisfactions he’s getting. As for Erling, his numbers speak for themselves. And they are objectively scary. I don’t think so. that his prolificacy depends on our way of playing, he has always scored a lot even before and away from here. We try to help him insert it, I like it because it always gives the feeling of being hungry for victories and makes himself available to the team by enhancing the work of 10 teammates who run with or without the ball having fun, for the fun of it. I believe that the secret of our successes is precisely linked to the effort that becomes the pleasure of committing to each other “.

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