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Guo Ailun’s singles, Wang Zhelin contributed the most laughter, Zhao Jiwei’s key 3 points dragged into overtime_Star Team_North District_Score

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Guo Ailun’s singles, Wang Zhelin contributed the most laughter, Zhao Jiwei’s key 3 points dragged into overtime_Star Team_North District_Score

Original title: Guo Ailun singles Wang Zhelin contributed the most laughter Zhao Jiwei’s key 3 points dragged into overtime

On March 26, Beijing time, the match between the All-Star North District Star Team and the South District Star Team started at 19:30 in the evening. Liaoning team’s backcourt twin stars Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei once again became the starting guard combination of the North All-Star team. After fierce competition in four quarters and overtime, the North Stars beat the South Stars 117-113. Guo Ailun scored 15 points, 14 assists, 7 rebounds and 1 steal. Zhao Jiwei scored 14 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals.

After the opening game, Guo Ailun assisted Abdul Saramu to help the North Star team open the scoring. Then Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei completed the connection, and Zhao Jiwei assisted Guo Ailun to score. Zhao Jiwei recently had a good three-pointer in the league. In the first quarter, Zhao Jiwei made three three-pointers and hit two. Guo Ailun also sent an assist to Zhang Zhenlin, another starting all-star player of the Liaoning team. Zhang Zhenlin scored a dunk to warm up for the upcoming slam dunk contest. In the middle of the first quarter, Yang Ming made five-up and five-down substitutions after a timeout, sending Tao Hanlin, Zhang Ning and other second teams on the court.

The South District Star Team has won the All-Star Game for 5 consecutive times, so the North District Star Team has been holding a sigh of relief and wants to win back. In the second quarter, after Guo Ailun made a steal in the backcourt, he dribbled the ball to the frontcourt in a fancy way and passed it to Zeng Fanbo. Zeng Fanbo also made a powerful gliding dunk! After a round, Guo Ailun sent Zhang Zhenlin a lob again, and Zhang Zhenlin took off from the basket and dunked in the lob! The North Star team stopped the South Star team with two consecutive dunks. After returning from the timeout, the North Star team directly forced the bottom line and successfully served, and Guo Ailun picked the basket and scored. The North Star team played a wave of 12-0! When Zhou Peng received the ball from the bottom line, Guo Ailun jumped up high and wanted to block Zhou Peng. Fortunately, Zhou Peng made a protective move and hugged Guo Ailun, who had lost his center of gravity in the air.

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When the Stars of the Southern District led by 5 points, Guo Ailun played a strong performance. He first made a mid-range shot after dribbling continuously, then hit a three-pointer, and assisted Tao Hanlin to score. He led the team to score 7 points in a row and stopped the Stars of the Southern District again. Returning from the timeout, Guo Ailun assisted Tao Hanlin again to score. In the past, one of the main offensive routines of the North District Star Team was the connection between Guo Ailun and Han Dejun. This year, Han Dejun was not selected for the All-Star Game due to his age. players.

In the final of the single event in the midfield, Zhao Jiwei sent consecutive assists to Abdul Saramu and Zeng Fanbo, and the two teams tied at 60. In terms of absolute height, the star team in the North District is at a disadvantage, so they need to play faster in fast breaks and transitions between offense and defense. A high-quality forward who is good at running down the fast break and can catch the lob.

With 4 minutes and 31 seconds left in the third quarter, Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin, two players who were teammates in the National Youth Team, had a wonderful one-on-one match. Wang Zhelin made a beautiful change in front of his body, passing Guo Ailun and scoring 2+1. The entertaining Guo Ailun smashed the ball to the floor and exaggeratedly covered his face to express his regret. In the next round, Guo Ailun singled Wang Zhelin. Wang Zhelin stood in the middle and did not lose his position. Guo Ailun stepped back and missed the shot. Another minute later, after Guo Ailun dribbled the ball continuously, he passed Tao Hanlin under the basket like a scalpel, and Tao Hanlin scored easily. In the final attack of the third quarter, Guo Ailun wanted to dribble the ball between Sun Minghui and Liao Sanning, but was self-defeating and was intercepted by Sun Minghui.

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At the end of the quarter, with 7 minutes left, Zhao Jiwei took the ball from the three-point line at the bottom corner and misled the defensive players with continuous fake moves, then slipped to the bottom line and scored. In the last half of the quarter, the two teams began to compete with real swords and guns. When Guo Ailun played again, the DJ on the scene joked: “Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin are competing together, do you want to see it?” The camera cut to Wang Zhelin, and Wang Zhelin also had a smile on his face.

Guo Ailun broke through quickly and quickly gave Abdul Saramu, who scored with a cake. With 2 minutes and 20 seconds left, Guo Ailun made a shot under the basket, but was blocked by Hu Mingxuan. In the next round, Guo Ailun made a shot and hit the iron. In the last 48 seconds, Zhao Jiwei took the ball at a 45-degree angle and hit a 3-pointer to equalize! The two teams tied at 104!

Returning from the timeout, Wang Zhelin scored another 2 points, and Guo Ailun made two free throws after fouling to equalize again. The last 7 seconds. The Star Team of the North District served a throw-in, and Guo Ailun sent it to Zhao Jiwei. After Zhao Jiwei broke into the inside line, he very tacitly passed it out to the open Guo Ailun. Guo Ailun missed a three-pointer and the game entered overtime.

At the beginning of overtime, both teams played a playoff-level defensive level. Zhao Jiwei fouled Wu Guanxi outside the three-point line and made all three free throws. On the sidelines, Zhao Jiwei’s wife Wang Junrui and his good friend Yuan Shuai’s wife and daughter are also cheering for Zhao Jiwei. Yuan Shuai, who has been teammates since childhood, has a very good relationship with Zhao Jiwei, and Yuan Shuai’s daughter is also Zhao Jiwei’s goddaughter.

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In the last minute, Zhang Zhenlin hit a difficult turn and then shot a 3-pointer. After losing 5 times in a row, the North District Star Team finally pulled back a victory and defeated the South District Star Team 117-113. (Sword wind hits the face)Return to Sohu to see more


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