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Guo Shiqiang: players need to be smarter in handling the ball, Li Yanzhe’s progress is obvious to all

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Original title: Guo Shiqiang: Players need to be smarter in handling the ball, Li Yanzhe’s progress is obvious to all

At 15:00 on January 02, 2022, Beijing time, the second stage of the 2021-2022 CBA League game will continue in Changchun, Jilin. The 17th round will be Guangzhou, China vs. Suzhou Kendia. In the end, Time China Guangzhou 90-84 Defeating Suzhou Kendia, Suzhou suffered a 6-game losing streak.

Although the Guangzhou team won the game with difficulty, Guo Shiqiang still put forward demands for the team when summing up after the game. “Although we won this game, we didn’t do very well in the process. Everyone worked very hard, but lost to the opponent on rebounds. This is the focus of pre-match preparations. The second is that the overall defense did not do very well. Well, the third is that the characteristics of defending the opponent’s players are not executed very well. Lastly, everyone should be smarter on the court.”

After the game, a reporter asked why the Guangzhou team’s offensive scoring was not as good as in the first stage since the second stage. Guo Shiqiang said: “The offensive aspect is indeed not very good. , To deal with the ball selection opportunity to be reasonable, so that the hit rate will increase, the second is to be decisive, the opportunity to be resolute.”

In this game, Guangzhou insider Li Yanzhe played a career highlight, scored 22 points to create a career high, and also had 8 rebounds. In the past 5 games, he scored in double figures in 4 games. Some reporters wanted Guo Shiqiang to give Li Yanzhe. Scoring, Guo Shiqiang said that he would not give scores to players or the team, but he still affirmed Li Yanzhe’s performance.

“Li Yanzhe has improved this season compared to last season, and everyone can see it in the game. After all, he is still a young player, and he has to improve in terms of experience, basic skills and physical fitness. There is still a lot of room for improvement. If he works harder, Progress will be greater.” Guo Shiqiang said.

Li Yanzhe attended the press conference as a representative of the players. He was also very modest to think that his court experience was still insufficient. In addition, he said that the team needs more attention to details.Return to Sohu to see more


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