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Guoan’s home game against Yatai tonight is 3 points

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Guoan’s home game against Yatai tonight is 3 points

Original title: Guoan’s home game against Yatai tonight is 3 points

News from our newspaper (Reporter Wang Yang) Tonight, the Beijing Guoan team will host the Changchun Yatai team in the 11th round of the 2023 Chinese Super League. Last night, the Guoan team came to Xingongti for field training. Guoan coach Stanley said at the pre-match press conference that the team’s goal is to score all 3 points when they return home. However, at present, many of the main players in the team are injured, which will have a certain impact on the strength of the team.

The Guoan team lost 2 to 3 to the Zhejiang team in the last round of away games, and suffered their first defeat since nearly 7 rounds. Stanley also mentioned the problems in this game at the press conference, “The substitutions in the last game were relatively clear and prepared before the game. What I reflected was during the game, according to the score. Changes, I can do better in response. I also mentioned that when I was about to make a substitution, the score changed, indicating that the substitution was a little slower at that time. Of course, this may be hindsight. If the result of the game is good, No one ever mentions such a thing.”

This round is back at home against the Yatai team, which is currently ranked fifth in the standings. Stanley is full of confidence in defeating his opponent. He said: “Our schedule for the new season is relatively tight, and we have to prepare for the next game immediately after one game is over. We are disappointed with the results of the last game, but we have to find positive aspects for this game. Returning to the home court is definitely a must. There are advantages, and this is also an interesting part of football. It will definitely feel better to play at home. As for the results of away games, we still need to improve. Against Yatai, our goal is to get 3 points.”

At present, the Guoan team has 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses with 14 points, ranking sixth in the standings. Stanley was not satisfied with this result. He said: “I am definitely not satisfied with the current result. I got half of the points, and I think I can get more points.” He believes that football games are sometimes so magical. It was difficult for the team to score goals in the first few rounds. In the last two rounds, they scored 8 goals, but also conceded 5 goals. Therefore, the coaching staff needs to grasp the balance, not to score too much and lose too much, so the result will not be very good.

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The foreign aid central defender Engadeu, who started the game in the previous 10 rounds, did not participate in last night’s training due to illness. According to Stanley, Zhang Xizhe, Adben Luo and Zhang Yuning are currently injured in the team, and their physical condition is not enough to play the game. And these successive injuries are also the main reason why his starting lineup is always changing in the first 10 rounds.

Stanley said: “We are very clear about the style of play we are good at, but because of injuries, the lineup changes every time, such as the absence of key players such as Zhang Xizhe and Adben Luo. Ademi is the No. 8 player , sometimes playing No. 10 is a last resort. In the end, we have to explain the problem based on the results.”

Gao Tianyi, a player who attended the press conference with Stanley, said: “We had one more day of rest than our opponents, and we also summed up the last loss during the offseason. We returned to the home court hoping to continue the good momentum at home and score 3 points. The schedule is the same for everyone, after the previous tournament system, we have all adapted to this rhythm of the game.”

The Chinese Super League points structure is somewhat unexpected

Our reporter Li Li

In a blink of an eye, 10 rounds of the Chinese Super League have been played this season, and one-third of the schedule has passed, and the championship and relegation pattern has begun to take shape. Compared with the outside forecast before the opening of the season, the situation in the standings is somewhat unexpected. The Shanghai Seaport team is thriving, the Chengdu Rongcheng team has become the biggest “dark horse”, the defending champion Wuhan Three Towns team and the traditional powerhouse Shandong Taishan team continue to weaken, and the veteran team Henan team fell into the relegation zone.

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Looking at the standings, the Haigang team topped the list with 26 points, leading the second place by as much as 6 points.

Chengdu Rongcheng, Shanghai Shenhua, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, and Changchun Yatai are in the second group. Last season, as a “promoted horse”, the Chengdu team’s performance was far less eye-catching than the Wuhan team, but it also won the fifth place in the league with a solid lineup, and handed in a beautiful answer. This season, the Chengdu team continued to upgrade the lineup, introducing players such as attacker Exxon and iron guard Tang Miao, making their strength even stronger. Under the leadership of the famous Korean coach Xu Zhengyuan, the team remained unbeaten with 5 wins and 5 draws, ranking second in the standings.

In the first two seasons, the Tianjin team struggled in the relegation group. During the winter break before the start of this season, the team did not sign a large number of signings. But with a stable lineup, they still got 4 wins and 6 draws, ranking fourth in the standings. The main reason for the Tianjin team’s success is the solid defense. They only conceded 8 goals in the first 10 rounds. The high-pressure pressing tactics formulated by the head coach Yu Genwei eased the pressure on the defense.

The performance of the Wuhan and Shandong teams was somewhat disappointing. Wuhan team currently has 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses with 14 points, ranking seventh. For last season’s champion, such a record cannot be justified. What is even more worrying is the state of the team. The offensive line has always been weak, and they can’t play the original momentum.

As for the Shandong team, this season is in a considerable crisis. After leading the team to participate in the first round away game against Shanghai Shenhua, the head coach Hao Wei has never made a public appearance. Last month, South Korean foreign aid Sun Junhao was criminally detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law on suspicion of accepting bribes by non-state employees. Due to the poor performance, the club invited the famous Korean coach Cui Kangxi, who took office on the line of fire and led the team to score 7 points in 3 rounds. The team’s state has improved and it is currently ranked eighth in the standings.

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The bottom four in the standings are Henan Team, Qingdao Manatee Team, Dalian People Team, and Nantong Zhiyun Team. Among these teams, Qingdao and Nantong are “promoted”, and there is a clear gap in strength between them and other teams. In the case of a tight schedule, poor results are also expected.

The Dalianers finished 12th last season. This season, with Sun Guowen, Tong Lei, Dong Yanfeng and many other main players leaving the team, the team lineup has hardly been replenished. In terms of foreign aid, except for Tessonev’s performance, the other players are of average ability, which makes coach Xie Hui unable to reproduce the magic of last season. After 10 rounds, he only got 1 win, 3 draws and 6 losses.

The most surprising thing in the relegation zone is the Henan team. Last season, the Henan team finished sixth, but this season it was not until the eighth round that they ushered in their first win of the season, becoming the latest team to usher in a victory in the Super League this season. The reason, in addition to the twists and turns in the club’s shareholding reform, and the team’s capital investment is far less than last year’s sufficient, there are indeed problems with the team’s staffing. In addition, one month before the opening of the season, the departure of head coach Javier directly caused the team’s passive preparation work. Whether it was the determination of the new coach or the introduction of domestic and foreign aid, it was very hasty.

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Gao Xing)

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