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Guoyu’s “tiebreaker” Zhu Ting’s long-distance running details sharpen her will_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan Net

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  Original title: Guoyu “tie-breaker” Zhu Ting’s long-distance running, the details of the will sharpen

A few days ago, the national badminton training team launched a new “tiebreaker” competition system in the team’s round-robin competition. The new format stipulates that the winner must be two games ahead of the first six games, otherwise only the seventh game can be won to become the final winner.

The ingenious competition system is more to test the physical fitness and psychology of the athletes. The purpose is to temper the will and quality of the athletes in the usual training, so as to prepare well for the critical moments in the competition. During training, athletes must be highly concentrated, and they must fight for every point. If they relax a little, they will go to a “tiebreaker” or even lose.

In the Olympic Games, World Championships and other competitions, athletes compete for athletic skills, but more for willpower. When you are ahead, you must work hard; when you are behind, you must rise to the challenge. Athletes usually have enough training in order to cope with various situations and perform well on the field. At the last moment of the short track speed skating mixed team relay competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing, with his tenacious will, resisted the pursuit of the Italian players, and won the gold medal with a knife-edge advantage when crossing the line. Behind the gold medal is Wu Dajing’s years of hard training, as well as the will to move forward and never give up.

Will is tempered. The cultivation of willpower will not be achieved overnight, it takes a long time to work, starting from peacetime and training. Athletes must constantly challenge themselves and overcome difficulties in order to fight tenaciously and become more courageous. Not long ago, women’s volleyball player Zhu Ting posted a video of herself running a marathon on social platforms. Despite some difficulties running 8km, she clenched her fists to cheer herself up: to keep going. After winning the men’s three-meter springboard diving championship at the Tokyo Olympics, Wang Zongyuan faced a series of problems such as changing partners and improving his physical fitness. He worked hard towards higher goals and devoted himself to more rigorous training. In the recent team test competition, Wang Zongyuan performed well, with an increase of nearly 18 points compared with the test score half a month ago, showing a good state in the preparations for the new Olympic cycle.

On the field, athletes are not only competing faster, higher and stronger in terms of motor skills, but also of will and quality. Every perfect action and every exciting transcendence requires tenacious struggle. Therefore, athletes usually focus on technical and tactical, physical fitness and other training, but also should exercise a tenacious will to ensure that they remain sober during the competition and withstand all-round tests.

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