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Hakan Sukur, an (almost) announced failure

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Hakan Sukur, an (almost) announced failure

The name of Hakan Sukur it is certainly not one of those that goes unnoticed. After all, we are talking about a true legend of Turkish football. However, it is impossible to forget what his adventure in Serie A was. An adventure that was anything but idyllic and positive.

His explosion and his numbers

Between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, she was truly a real star. And not only in Türkiye. The thought goes to Galatasaray, where in three seasons he scored 68 goals. And so, precisely because of these numbers, the first call arrived from Italy, the destination Torino. In the Granata, however, he was a real meteor, failing to settle in. The return to the yellow-reds of Türkiye was almost inevitable, but also glorious. In fact, under the leadership of Term and in the company of Adrian Ilie, Iulian Filipescu and Gheorghe Hagi, the victory even came in Coppa Uefa. The pinnacle was just that.

Hakan Sukur and the Inter and Parma disaster

In the summer of 2000 Hakan Sukur joined Inter, completing an attack made up of Vieri, Recoba and Ronaldo. The skepticism, however, could not be little, given what happened to Torino. Skepticism which was then confirmed by the facts. The goal in the Super Cup against Lazio was simply smoke and mirrors, in a year that was, to say the least, wrong for the Nerazzurri, with Lippi replaced in the running by Tardelli. Six goals in 35 games and no confirmation. The ransom should have been called Parma, but even in Emilia the former Galatasaray player failed to shine: three goals and 18 games, in a team with dressing room and financial problems. And his relationship with Italy was a lot of hate and little love.

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His career ended with another disappointing adventure at Blackburn and above all the return home, complete with two league titles and a National Cup. Maybe, with hindsight, that was really the size of him. However, it must be said that, during his career, which ended at the age of 37, Hakan Sukur won various awards, such as that of best Turkish footballer of the previous 50 years, during the 2003 UEFA Jubilee. Maybe he didn’t like Italy and Serie A….

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