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Half-time – Davidson scored Edmilson Jiangong Sanzhen 2-0 Wuhan Yangtze River_Xie Pengfei_Stan Qiu_Zhang Zhenqiang

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Half-time – Davidson scored Edmilson Jiangong Sanzhen 2-0 Wuhan Yangtze River_Xie Pengfei_Stan Qiu_Zhang Zhenqiang

Original title: Halftime – Davidson scored Edmilson Jiangong Sanzhen 2-0 Wuhan Yangtze River

Beijing time on July 8th, the competition for the ninth round of the 2022 Chinese Super League continued, and the leaders Wuhan Three Towns ushered in the second round of the derby against Wuhan Yangtze River. In the first half, Davidson and Edmilson scored, and Wuhan Sanzhen led Wuhan Yangtze River 2-0.

Before the match, Wuhan Sanzhen led the Chinese Super League with 7 wins and 1 draw. In the last round of the league, they beat their direct rival Shanghai Shenhua 4-2. The morale of the three towns is high. Facing the Wuhan Derby in the second round, they will win the game. Definitely the team’s goal. In the first round, Wuhan Three Towns easily won Wuhan Yangtze River 3-1, so they also have a psychological advantage in the second confrontation, and Wuhan Yangtze River has a bit of a high-opening and low-going posture this season, and it was only 2-1 in the last round. Winning the Guangzhou team narrowly, so Wuhan Yangtze River is also facing many difficulties in this game to win.

In the 4th minute after the start of the game, Wuhan Sanzhen got a free kick, and Stanqiu shot directly above the crossbar; in the 12th minute, Edmilson sent a through ball in front of the penalty area to create chaos, and Deng Hanwen then shot with his left foot on the left side of the goal. The post popped up; in the 17th minute, Davidson broke through the penalty area from the left, Xie Pengfei followed up and shot in front of the goal without touching the ball, but in the end the ball rolled into the goal, and Wuhan Sanzhen led 1-0;

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In the 21st minute, Stanqiu’s shot from the left side of the penalty area was saved by Zhang Zhenqiang, and then the corner kick was taken. Zhang Xiaobin’s header was again saved by Zhang Zhenqiang, but Yin Yaji faced an empty goal but failed to kick the ball; in the 29th minute, Edmilson, Davidson and Xie Pengfei cooperated continuously at the top of the penalty area, and finally Xie Pengfei missed the goal from a long distance;

In the 32nd minute, Xie Pengfei stole the ball in the frontcourt, Stanqiu took the ball straight, Edmilson got the ball and turned and scored a long-range shot. Wuhan Sanzhen led Wuhan Yangtze River 2-0;

In the 37th minute, Zhang Huajun cut in from the left and chose a long shot. The ball missed the right post of the goal; then at the end of the first half, Wuhan Three Towns temporarily led Wuhan Yangtze River 2-0.

Wuhan three towns start: 22-Liu Dianzuo, 3-Wallace, 4-Yin Yaji, 23-Ren Hang, 25-Deng Hanwen, 12-Zhang Xiaobin, 30-Xie Pengfei, 40-Zhang Hui (U23), 43-Stanqiu , 7-Edmilson, 11-Davidson;

Substitutes: 1- Wu Fei, 2- Xiong Fei, 6- Duan Yunzi, 10- Sang Yifei, 13- Malkang, 16- Yang Kuo, 19- Zhang Wentao, 21- He Chao, 29- Tao Qianglong (U23), 31 -Luo Senwen, 32-Lu Haidong, 37-Xu Haoyang (U23);

Wuhan Yangtze River starting: 22-Zhang Zhenqiang, 3-Han Xuan, 12-Liu Shangkun, 32-Chen Yuhao (U23), 36-Huang Xuheng (U23), 17-Zhang Huajun (U23), 18-Nie Aoshuang, 20-Li Xing, 29-Wen Da (U23), 39-Nehiti-Nihomati (U23), 21-Wang Jingbin;

Substitutes: 23-Gao Xiang, 28-Xu Dong, 31-Cao Xiaoyi(U23), 35-Ren Kangkang(U23), 24-Hu Jiali(U23), 26-Liu Yun, 33-Ye Chongqiu, 19-Hu Jinghang, 37-Liu Junxian(U23) ).Return to Sohu, see more

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