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Halfway through the Hangzhou Asian Games: Achieving ‘Three 100%’ in Event Operation

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Halfway through the Hangzhou Asian Games schedule, 34 national and regional delegations have won medals, achieving a remarkable feat in event operation.

According to reports from the press conference on the half-way operation of the Hangzhou Asian Games, a total of 3,264 games in 45 sub-categories have been held in 48 venues, resulting in 240 gold medals. This accounts for approximately 74% of the total number of sub-categories and gold medals produced. These accomplishments demonstrate the successful execution of the event.

It is worth noting that these 240 gold medals have been distributed among delegations from 22 countries and regions, representing about half of the total number of delegations. Furthermore, a total of 34 countries and regions have won medals, constituting approximately 76% of the total delegations. The current top three in the medal list are China, Japan, and South Korea.

Zhu Qinan, spokesperson of the Hangzhou Asian Games Competition Command Center, emphasized the importance of competition in event operation. The Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee has prioritized competition and established an event operation system that centers around competition, with venues as the main focus and territory as the guarantee. This system cooperates closely with the Olympic Council of Asia and various Asian sports organizations to continuously improve technical specifications, schedules, competition rules, and competition equipment to ensure smooth and precise event operation.

Zhu Qinan further highlighted the achievement of the “three 100%.” All 3,264 games that have taken place started and completed smoothly, with no artificial suspension or interruption. The 240 completed games efficiently implemented on-site awards, without any operational accidents. Additionally, there were no operational failures among the more than 1,800 categories of competition equipment and over 100,000 pieces of competition equipment.

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The Hangzhou Asian Games, the highest-level comprehensive sports event in Asia, has witnessed enthusiastic participation from all countries and regions. The athletes have shown great dedication, delivering outstanding performances in a range of sports. Whether Olympic or non-Olympic, traditional or new, the competition has showcased a high level of skill.

For instance, on September 30 alone, 30 competition venues held 28 sub-events, resulting in breaking and tying of records. A total of 5 records were broken and tied, including 4 world records, 4 Asian records, 11 Asian Games records, and 1 qualifying Asian Games record. The event has indeed been a platform for extraordinary achievements.

The success of the organization and management of this large-scale event is thanks to the close cooperation of the entire team involved. Since the start of the competition, thousands of technical officials, competition teams, independent training venue teams, flag raisers, award ceremony personnel, and sports display staff have worked together to create an outstanding competition environment. Their dedication to meeting the needs of athletes has earned praise from delegations worldwide.

With the Hangzhou Asian Games schedule now halfway through, the organizing committee aims to maintain the same level of excellence in the remaining days. This involves ensuring smooth venue conversions between competition events and further enhancing various services for audiences and the media. The goal is to create a first-class competition environment for all participants.

Zhu Qinan expressed the committee’s hopes for the second half of the competition, emphasizing the aim to carry out the “three 100%” to the end. The Hangzhou Asian Games continues to captivate audiences with thrilling and exceptional sporting performances.

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