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Hangzhou Athletes Dominate Asian Games Canoeing Finals with Back-to-Back Gold Medal Wins

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Hangzhou Athletes Shine in Canoeing Finals at Asian Games

Hangzhou, China – On the first day of the Asian Games canoeing final, Hangzhou athletes Wang Nan and Wang Congkang brought honor to their city by winning two gold medals in a row. This impressive achievement has placed Hangzhou in the spotlight of this year’s games.

The 19th Asian Games canoeing competition in Hangzhou kicked off on October 2, marking the beginning of the highly anticipated finals. The Chinese team displayed exceptional skills and determination, claiming a total of four gold medals on the first day. Among the victorious athletes were Hangzhou’s own Wang Congkang and Wang Nan, who secured the men’s and women’s 500-meter double kayak championships, respectively. Unfortunately, Zhejiang player Ji Bowen did not perform as well and finished fifth in the men’s 1,000-meter rowing event.

Zhang Dong, a renowned athlete who had previously won the men’s 1000-meter double kayak championship at the last Jakarta Asian Games, emerged as the champion once again in this individual battle. With a time of 3 minutes, 46 seconds, and 224 milliseconds, Zhang Dong showcased his exceptional strength and tactical prowess. Expressing his joy and pride, Zhang Dong stated, “I am very happy to win the gold medal at the Asian Games in my country, raise the national flag, and play the national anthem.” He now sets his sights on achieving the same success at next year’s Paris Olympics.

Wang Nan and Yin Mengdie also exhibited remarkable performance in the women’s 500-meter double kayak event. Having primarily trained in four-person boats to assist the Chinese team in qualifying for the Olympics, they only started adapting to double boats after the World Championships in August. “This is a breakthrough for us,” expressed Wang Nan, adding, “I hope to stand on the podium at the Paris Olympics and help Chinese women’s kayak achieve a historic breakthrough.”

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In the men’s 500-meter double kayak, Wang Congkang and his teammate Butingkai proved their mettle. Despite falling behind in the first 250 meters, they executed a powerful sprint in the final moments, ultimately overtaking the Korean team and securing the gold medal. Wang Congkang shared his confidence, stating, “I gave it my all today. I didn’t panic when falling behind. I stuck to the planned rhythm, and in the end, I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.”

Notably, Wang Congkang’s wife, Li Dongying, is also a member of the Chinese canoeing team. On October 3, the couple will compete separately in three events, raising hopes for more gold medals for the Chinese team on the same day.

The outstanding performance of Hangzhou athletes in the Asian Games canoeing finals has brought immense pride to the city and heightened anticipation for the remaining events. The Hangzhou Daily extends its congratulations to Wang Nan, Wang Congkang, and the entire Chinese canoeing team on their impressive achievements.

Source: Hangzhou Daily
Author: Reporter Wang Zhenkai
Editor: Gao Tingting

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