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Harden talks about the loss and take the initiative to take responsibility: If I score a few goals, things will be different

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Original title: Harden talks about the loss and takes the initiative: things will be different if I score a few goals

On December 9th, Beijing time, the Nets faced the Rockets back-to-back today. With Durant taking a break, they lost to the Rockets 104-114 and gave the Rockets a seven-game winning streak.

Harden returned to the Rockets home court for the first time after being traded to the Nets. As Harden and the Rockets broke up in an indecent process, Harden got boos from the fans when he touched the ball for the first time.

Although the Rockets coach Silas said before the game that he hopes he can get the cheers of the fans, although the Rockets played a tribute video for Harden at home, it is difficult to eliminate the resentment of the Rockets fans towards Harden. This is not the situation Harden imagined returning to his old club.

How Harden forced the Rockets to trade him has annoyed many Rockets fans-he missed the training camp last season, had a stalemate with his teammates, and did not appear in Houston nightclubs wearing a mask during the epidemic. Despite this, Harden has family’s friends and some business in Houston, and has maintained his philanthropy and connection with the city. In many ways, this city is still his home.

Harden got a lot of boos from the 15,834 fans on the scene, but there are still fans cheering for him. The Rockets played a tribute video for him with 6 minutes 55 seconds left in the first quarter, and the fans still had very positive emotions.

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“I spent one of the most exciting years in Houston, whether on the court or off the court.” Harden said of the tribute video the Rockets prepared for him, “Whenever I come to Houston, treat me It’s very special. There is a lot of love and a lot of support from my family.”

In this game, the Nets fell behind by 20 points in the first half. Although they interrupted to catch up to 94-98 in the fourth quarter, they did not reversal by 17 points against the Lone Ranger yesterday. The Nets finally failed to catch up with the score. . Owen has been absent for the season. Joe Harris missed due to ankle surgery. Durant and Adelaide both took back-to-back rotations. With such a shortage of manpower, the Nets’ shooting percentage in this game was only 39.3%.

Harden had 25 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists in the game, which is far from enough for the Nets. In addition, Harden played very inefficiently in this game. He shot only 4 of 16 shots and made 8 turnovers.

“Of course, if I hit any ball, the direction of the game will be different, especially when we are only four points away. The score was approaching at the time, and we had already played a wave and built confidence in ourselves. Harden said of the three-pointers he missed at critical moments. “But I made some mistakes myself and missed a few baskets. I think I can do better. Obviously if I hit these balls, Things will be different.”

“Yes, it’s frustrating. We fell behind too early and gave them too many opportunities.” Harden said. “When the team is understaffed, you try to make up for this in the game and play like this. The result was really frustrating. Especially when we played 42 minutes in the last game and played back to back today, it was frustrating.”

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“But there is nothing I can do, it is beyond my control. I must keep working hard.” Harden added.

“I think we were not aggressive enough on the defensive end at the beginning of the game, and we started a bit slow.” Nets coach Nash said, “Obviously, we improved in the second half, but at halftime, this is what we passed. Information.”Return to Sohu to see more


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