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Harvey swallows 3 unbeaten games after 3 unbeaten games

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Original title: Harvey swallowed 3 unbeaten games after 3 unbeaten games Dembele retired from injury to show Barcelona’s dilemma

After losing to Betis and Bayern one after another, Barcelona still failed to usher in victory tonight. In the case of a two-time lead, Barcelona eventually tied with Osasuna 2-2 away. After serving as the Barcelona coach, Harvey remained unbeaten in the first 3 games with 2 wins and 1 draw, but he has not won the past 3 games with 1 draw and 2 losses. Under Harvey’s rule, Barcelona had 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, scoring 6 goals and conceding 7 goals, with only two zeros.

In addition to the disastrous defeat of Bayern, Barcelona’s other five games were in big trouble in the final stage. In the Catalan Derby, Wu Lei, who came off the bench, almost passed a shot at the last minute, and Barcelona beat the Spaniard 1-0. In Barcelona’s 0-0 draw with Benfica, Sefelovic missed an outrageous goal at the last minute, and Barcelona was barely unbeaten. In Barcelona’s 3-1 victory over Villarreal, before Depay scored the second goal in the 88th minute, Barcelona was overwhelmed by the submarine. Against Betis and Osasuna, Barcelona lost the ball in the final stage.

The biggest problem with Barcelona is the lack of depth of the lineup. There are too few people available under Harvey, which directly leads to the fatigue of Barcelona’s main players. At the end of the game, Harvey was in an embarrassing state of no solution. The main players can’t run, and the overall strength of Barcelona will be greatly reduced after the bench comes on. Tonight’s Dembele is the most typical example, he made Barcelona’s second goal, but in the case of a 2-1 lead due to lack of physical fitness to leave the field. Coutinho, who replaced Dembele, had no speed at all. Osasuna pressed on and eventually evened the score without worrying about Barcelona’s counterattack.

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After assuming the role of Barcelona coach, Harvey has stated that his goal is to win La Liga. But now, Barcelona only scored 24 points in 16 games, ranking only 8th. In the post-match press conference, Harvey changed his words when talking about the season goals: “Our goal is to enter the top four and put ourselves in the championship. Why not? It’s difficult, but we need to continue to improve. Go on.” Harvey’s season goal has changed from winning the championship to getting tickets to the Champions League. But with Barcelona’s current strength, the most practical goal is probably to secure a European seat next season…Return to Sohu to see more


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