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Hat-trick “women’s single” football is even more powerful_News_News_CJN_cjn.cn

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Hat-trick “women’s single” football is even more powerful_News_News_CJN_cjn.cn

Changjiang Daily, Wuhan client, Haikou, May 11 (Reporter Ma Wanyong) In the table tennis team competition of the Women’s Super League Mission Hills Division on the evenings of May 8 and 9, teenager Zhang Linyan showed her “handy” side . As the No. 1 women’s singles player of the Wuhan Women’s Table Tennis Team, Zhang Linyan played three times in four games and defeated her opponent three times.
However, when countless netizens exclaimed at the climax of the “football wizard” table tennis skills, Zhang Linyan gave everyone a big surprise – she scored 3 goals in the Jiangsu women’s football team within 45 minutes of playing, and she was alone. The number of goals scored has been equal to the number of goals conceded by the Jiangsu team in the first 8 rounds. Many netizens “complained” Wuhan coach Chang Weiwei after the game, thinking that if he hadn’t replaced “Pippi” (nicknamed Zhang Linyan) first in midfield, Zhang Linyan could have scored better. more goals.
In fact, Zhang Linyan has quickly become the darling of Chinese fans since she scored a goal and created a penalty kick in the Women’s Asian Cup final. His talent has also been released more thoroughly. There are “golden boots” Tabitha to attract opponents for her, and many international big sisters pass and assist for her. Zhang Linyan can be described as a duck to water. She has now jumped to the third place in the scorer list, second only to Tabby who scored 8 goals. Shahe scored 6 goals with Uri Gumula.
After the game, Zhang Linyan said in an interview with reporters that she did not expect to perform a “hat-trick” before the game, but only thought that she had to play her own thing in every game, and that she would take all 3 points to win the game, and go to the same time. Capture every minute of the game.
For the big victory over the Jiangsu team, Zhang Linyan also admitted that the team has been preparing for this “Battle of Tianwang Mountain” for a long time. “Jiangsu team ranks second in the standings, and the points are very tight, so this game pays special attention. They also won the Shanghai team, and they are also a very strong team. They are also a team with a heritage. The team. In addition, my good friend Xu Huan is also there, and I really want to score Xu Huan’s goal.”
After the match with the Jiangsu team, the Wuhan Women’s Football also ended all the matches in the first round. Zhang Linyan said that the third stage of the league is likely to be delayed, so the team will have more time to prepare for the following games. “I hope everyone can run in better. After all, after the first round of competition, everyone already has some tacit understanding, and I hope to win every victory in the following games.”
Zhang Linyan thinks that she has come to a new group this year, and there will definitely be a process of adaptation, but she also thanks the coaching staff and the whole team for giving her a lot of help. “At the moment, I feel that I have integrated well. In fact, I also had the opportunity to score in the first few games, but I didn’t grasp it. I will summarize it after I come down. In addition, the coach has also given me a lot of help. And continue to score goals.”
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