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“Have we lifted a burden? No, nobody likes to lose. It’s a strange feeling “

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Santarelli: “Guinness had created anxiety, let’s think about improving” De Gennaro: “Sooner or later it had to happen, but the record is ours”


Seventy-six wins in a row, it’s hard to write it down. Of course, sooner or later it should have ended, then, of course, there are many extenuating circumstances, first of all an opponent that the panthers – historically – suffer and not a little, given that in the Bison’s DNA there is a lot, a lot of defense. “I have to congratulate the girls for the enormous journey we have made, winning 76 games in a row was extraordinary for many reasons”, are the words of coach Daniele Santarelli. “We are looking for our identity and therefore we have changed a lot. It was important to recover many players, in particular Sylla. We had a fourth set unfortunately lacking in defense, the third was the best. Then in the tiebreak, you know, it’s a lottery ».

Well, losing is never nice: «Yes, it’s bothering us because we could have reached 100, and nobody likes losing. Getting rid of a burden? Let’s say that I thought I would have lived worse, we were used to always winning, but it is sport, in sport there is defeat. I’m trying to figure it out, I’m actually a little dazed. Maybe it’s good for us, let’s get our feet back on the ground, knowing that we need everyone for all the matches, from the World Cup and then to the Italian Cup and then with all the other matches ».

It has changed a lot. “Wolosz? He had some shoulder problems, he struggled to beat. There was too much anxiety about achieving the record, now I have to think about the good of the team. And Gennari is an important player and I need her. Plummer? She didn’t train, it was better not to use her. De Kruijf has an inflamed tendon and I want to keep it from getting worse. He must think of the good of the individual for the good of the team. Then on Saturday we play again, we have a few days to prepare a new match against Perugia. We will make other changes, there will be a good reaction. With Perugia we lost the last time, now we will start winning again ».

So Monica De Gennaro: «Sooner or later it had to happen, it gives us more ideas to work on. Okay so, we’ve made too many mistakes. Now let’s start again, they played better than us, we didn’t receive very well. The record remains with us ». –

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