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He lived for the red and white colors He was a father to his players

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SACILE. A man of other times, a gentleman. In Sacile, and beyond, the private Gianpaolo Presotto was known just like that. While in the role of sports manager, who led Sacilese to the highest levels of its history, he was, quite simply, the president that everyone would like to have.

A loving father for his players. Not only from the senior training, but also the young people of the youth sector, whom he knew one by one, who encouraged, reassured. And most importantly, he followed closely. Because often, if not almost always, his weekend was entirely dedicated to the red and white colors. From small to large, without distinction of category. With the same affection and the same emotional transport, sitting in the stands or behind the net of some provincial “pitch”.

Balanced, never over the top, continuous dispenser of smiles, Gianpaolo Presotto was the face of Sacilese in the most beautiful years of the recent history of the club from Livorno. He joined the company in 2007, becoming president in 2010. But even the historic promotion of 2009, the one that led Sacilese to the Olympus of professionals for the first time, or rather in the “old” C2 series, has his mark and of his family, in particular of his beloved wife Lidia Nadal, with whom he shared an inexhaustible red and white passion.

The captain of that team, coached by Stefano De Agostini: whose feat is now engraved in the dream book of sport in Livorno – was Roberto Vecchiato, now coach of the Adrian, who cannot hold back the emotion in remembering the figure of “his “President. «Paolo – comments the former Sacilese defender – was a truly special president. Always close and available to us, always able to cheer us on before the matches by entering the locker room with his gentle grace, and equally able to restore confidence after defeats. For us he was a second father ».

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In this regard, Vecchiato extracts an eloquent cameo on Presotto’s humanity from his personal memory album. «It was March 2009, we were playing in Belluno under the flood a fundamental match for the race for the record. We won 1-0 thanks to my header with ten minutes left. Paolo arrived in the locker room at the end of the game when I was already out, so he made me look for it. And once he reached them, both soaked from the rain, he hugged me to say only: thank you Robi. It had never happened to me before and it has never happened to me since. ‘


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