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Head injuries in ice hockey

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Head injuries in ice hockey

Ice hockey is fascinating and dangerous. Serious head injuries often occur. In the film, experts discuss how to deal with concussions in ice hockey.

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That’s what the documentary is about

Speed, dynamics and action: Ice hockey is one of the most fascinating sports in Switzerland. And yet there are brutal downsides – the number of head injuries with severe consequences is very high. For Eric Blum (formerly SC Bern), his career ended abruptly and without warning. In February 2021, he received a check to the head during a game – the result: a concussion. It was the beginning of a long story of suffering with therapies, rehabilitation measures and private cuts. A comeback on the ice is unthinkable, and he is still struggling with the consequences to this day.

His case raises the question: Are ice hockey players’ heads adequately protected? In the film, experts from different disciplines discuss how to deal with concussions in ice hockey. Jonas Hiller from the players’ association, the neurologist Dr. Nina Feddermann-Demont, the athletic trainer Steven Lingenhag and the player Marco Lehmann explain what problems there are, but also point out ways in which the game can be made safer.

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