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Helena Prestas smashes the Isola dei Famosi, then is eliminated: Gian Maria is safe

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Helena Prestas smashes the Isola dei Famosi, then is eliminated: Gian Maria is safe

During the penultimate episode of the Island, yet another bickering between Helena and the other castaways, first of all Lo Cicero and Cristina Scuccia. Helena splits the group, but is then eliminated in televoting.

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The Island of the Famous is in the final stages. The penultimate episode of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi began from the rift that has consolidated over the last few days on the figure of Helena, with a group divided after the case of the stolen coconut, for which she apologized. Helena Prestas was substantially marginalized by the other castaways, for which she began to feel a certain resentment, which then culminated in tears that greatly affected Mazzoli, who got very close to her in recent days, siding at her side while the other castaways they have widely contested it.

A dispute ensued at the beginning of the episode, with Andrew Lo Cicero who accused Helena: “I don’t have problems with her, she has repeatedly shown that she has unclear ideas. I don’t strategize, my face is always like this, perhaps some people have changed their faces in recent months, over and over again. I didn’t angry about the coconut, but about the gesture. She partnered with Nathaly and became a monster”.

On the issue of the coconut Helena apologized again: “I simply said I was wrong, then I gave away my portion the next day. I’ve never changed”. Called into question, Marco Mazzoli said of him, explaining everything: “Seeing the clip you see little bits. When I got close to Helena again it’s because she was crying on a cliff and as a Marco, as a human being, seeing a woman crying broke my heart. I went there and tried to comfort her.”

Then Luxuria intervened, attacking Helena: “You want to caress Helena to scratch Andrea. You said the worst things about Helena, trying to save her you are trying to hit Pope Lo Cicero in some way”. Mazzoli then intervened to defend himself:

You are wrong because you see little bits. Andrea and I are very close, there have never been arguments between him and me. My gesture towards Helena was also done by Andrea when it started to rain, we are men of a certain age and each of us made the gesture he deemed appropriate.

However, the Helena issue was resolved in a few minutes, given that she was among the two nominated together with Gian Maria, who was eliminated by the public despite being considered among the favourites.

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