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Helping the Beijing Winter Olympics venues to supply 100% clean energy to the Zhangbei Rouzhi project to complete the pre-match “physical examination”_Sina News

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Source: Beijing Daily

Original title: Helping the Beijing Winter Olympics venues to supply 100% clean energy to the Zhangbei Rouzhi project to complete the pre-match “physical examination”

The autumn wind blows up the waves, and the silver line gleams. A few days ago, Zhangbei Renewable Energy Flexible DC Grid Demonstration Project (referred to as “Zhangbei Flexible Direct Project”) completed its first annual maintenance work. The Zhangbei Rouzhi Project transports Zhangjiakou’s green power to Beijing, helping the Beijing Winter Olympics venues to achieve 100% clean energy supply. This is the project to carry out a special annual maintenance before the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Zhangbei Rouzhi Project can deliver approximately 14.1 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy to the Beijing area each year, which is about one-tenth of Beijing’s electricity consumption. It can save 4.9 million tons of standard coal and reduce 12.8 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. The project will also fully meet the power demand of the Winter Olympic venues in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, fulfilling the promise of “Green Olympics”.

The Zhangbei Rouzhi Project is a major landmark project for the State Grid Corporation of China to promote the energy technology revolution and support the transformation of the country’s energy structure. The construction of the project started in February 2018 and officially put into operation in June 2020. A total of 4 converter stations were built in Zhongdu, Kangbanuoer, Fukang and Yanqing, with a rated voltage of ±500 kV and a rated transmission capacity of 4.5 million kilowatts. The length of the transmission line is 666 kilometers. The Zhongdu and Kangbanuoer converter stations are the power transmission end and are connected to new energy sources, the Fukang station is the regulating end and connected to pumped storage, and the Yanqing station is the receiving end and is connected to the capital load center.

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In order to fully prepare for the winter Olympics, the State Grid Jibei Maintenance Company combined with the autumn inspection pre-test, and carried out special hidden danger investigations and expert visits in advance for the Winter Olympics. In 2021, the company added more than 80 special power outages for the Winter Olympics in the autumn maintenance. Overhaul workload increased by 93% year-on-year.

The three converter stations of the Zhangbei Rouzhi Project, Zhongdu, Kangbanuoer and Fukang, undertake the mission of connecting and transporting the green electricity in Zhangbei area to Beijing, and are the top priority of this overhaul. Starting from July 18th, Fukang Converter Station took the lead in the annual maintenance work, carrying out a comprehensive “physical examination” and “maintenance” for Olympic-related equipment. Subsequently, the Zhongdu Converter Station and the Kangbanor Converter Station have also entered the annual maintenance.

The Zhangbei Flexible Direct Project is the world‘s first flexible DC power grid project, and it is also the world‘s flexible DC project with the highest voltage level and the largest transmission capacity. The core technology and key equipment of the project are all international firsts, creating 12 world firsts, which can realize the collection and delivery of Zhangbei’s tens of millions of kilowatts of new energy bases, and effectively support the clean energy power supply of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

To do a comprehensive “physical examination” for these “big country heavy equipment”, the State Grid Jibei Maintenance Company tailored special tools for the first set of equipment such as converter valves, and carried out the inspection and acceptance in conjunction with the pilot application of the valve hall drone Work.

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In the valve hall of Zhongdu Converter Station, Li Zhen, deputy director of the UHV AC and DC Transportation Inspection Center of the State Grid Jibei Maintenance Company, who has been stationed for more than 60 days, tied the safety rope tightly, and took the lift truck to the first floor of the converter valve submodule. Perform investigations one by one. Although the local weather was cold, working for several hours at an altitude of more than ten meters, big beads of sweat trickled down from Li’s vibrating temples and down the straps of his helmet.

It is understood that the 89-day Zhangbei flexible DC power grid project was out of power for the first time for maintenance. More than 1,300 operators and inspection personnel completed 13 DC majors and 17,816 maintenance tests. Jin Haiwang, the general manager of the annual maintenance work of the State Grid Jibei Maintenance Company, said that the maintenance team optimized the operation process, innovatively adopted the “self-supervised and controlled maintenance” model, carried out “grid management” on the site, supervised and controlled the whole process, and solved 38 hidden dangers. , Eliminate 168 defects, and lay a reliable foundation for ensuring the power supply of the “Green Olympics”. (Feng Jiawei Zhang Yuyang)


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